Timelines and Tide Tables

submitted by VW Sands

Funny thing time is. It just keeps on chugging along on a relentless…. mission like.  Tides on the other hand, those come and go like…….clockwork. No pun intended.

It sometimes seems almost bizarre to think that I´ve been messing about in SecondLife (SL) for more than 12 years. That´s a long time! In that time I´ve seen a ton of high tides and, a fair amount of low ones as well.

For most if not all of those years I´ve spent in SL there has been this very blog chugging away on it´s mission.  Through highs and lows SurfWatch has been a source of news and entertainment that, for me anyway, sort of put the whole wonderful mess of SL surfing into my “Tide Table”.

I was lucky enough to have a few things posted on SurfWatch through the years. Luckier still to always have news about SurfJam or Surfari,Vibes parties or sim openings (or closures) posted.

I guess like everything in life, as time chugs along things change. Sims poof, people come and go and interest wanders or changes direction. Like the tide I suppose.

In any case, I just wanted to say thank you. To Tauri (Tigerpaw) for her years of hard work and dedication. To Barchan (Paderborn), Ash (Ashleigh Dickins), Liss (Lissa Pinion Sands), Opal (Rivers) and Mari (Monentes), Kant (Kantbe Thursday) and countless others. It has been
a great time. Great reading, fun to contribute from time to time and a reliable tide table for me.

I sometimes wish we could turn back time. Or….slow it down somehow. But that would be like trying to stop the tide.  On the other hand, time past is what memories are made of. So in the end, nothing can take our memories away. Not even the tide.



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Well said V. This shall be missed.