Sunday, August 6, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Cann!bal !sland! Rolls out New Wave!

With the news that Cann!bal !sland is rolling out a new Tsunami mesh wave created by Chotaire Seelowe, Cann!bal !sland creator, SurfWatch made a beeline for a front row seat for the rollout and to talk to Chotaire about the new wave exclusively made for Cann!bal:

SurfWatch:  How is it different than a regular Tsunami?
Chotaire Seelowe: It has new textures and materials effects so lights and the sun will reflect in the wave.  It looks much more realistic.

Chotaire Seelowe working his magic on the Tsunami mesh

SurfWatch:  And it's surfable?
Chotaire Seelowe:  Of course.  It still has the same surfing characteristics like the old one.  Shape is still the same.

Per Chotaire, this is how the wave looks with Estate Time / Region Defaults when the graphics are switched to Ultra without shadows.

SurfWatch: Will this new wave be running full time now on Cannibal?
Chotaire Seelowe:  No, during midday.  It has been designed for the all new midday atmosphere.  What's also totally new about this wave: the textures won't just rotate. The water that is deeper inside the wave will rotate closer than the foam on top of it.  All this in just 4 prims with almost zero server lag.  The size changes.  There's a small one followed by a large one, etc.  The effect that the skin of the wave rotates faster than the deep water inside, I call it deep water rotations.  I will still optimize a few bits of the wave so it perfectly integrates into the environment.  I expect a few minor changes within the next days.


Cierra said...

OK, where do I get one? :)

Mick Lunasea said...

Looks like Action's "Maverick" wave. Not seeing any new innovation here just a wave heading straight in, not breaking, no tube. Leogarto Bert broke ground with the lateral moving teahuppo. Confused I thought HP5 was Leo's brand name. What's the real story here? Who owns HP5 tech?

SurfWatch/Tauri Tigerpaw said...

Hi Mick:
These sound like questions you can take to the creator directly to find out the genesis of this wave and clear up your confusion. SurfWatch is happy to support all the creators and designers and innovators in Second Life, including yourself. Although we have been off-line for five years, our focus in returning has been to encourage, support and promote the beauty and creativity of Second Life surfing and beaches and lifestyle, and we will continue to do so.