Sunday, July 16, 2017

Who's Hanging Out at ....Bluff Cove?

Submitted by Opal Rivers

Who’s on the beach at Bluff Cove?  The answer is Solsty Kismet and Bodhi Lowtide.  Solsty graciously agreed to an interview for SurfWatch.  Bodhi was there to encourage her.  That was fabulous of him, as well.  There is nothing like people on a sim to let you know how they feel about the place that they are located, especially if they love it.  Solsty said about Bluff Cove, “My favorite part of Bluff Cove is the community feel.  If you surf here all day, plenty of friendly surfers will come by and hang out.  It’s what you envision when you think of surfing in SL (Second Life): relaxing, fun, and all around good times with good people.”  The day I was on the beach, it certainly was a good day to surf, and Bluff Cove is a great place to do it, as Solsty said.  When asked about the surf conditions on the beach at Bluff Cove, Solsty immediately replied, frequent and fun!  Bodhi remarked about how he liked the fluffies that would break at the shore. 

While Bluff Cove is a favorite beach of both Solsty and Bodhi, Solsty appreciates the many beautiful sims in SL.  She did mention a great appreciation of Aloha Beach and this reporter took quick notes.  I love SL photos, so I asked what was the last picture that was taken.  Solsty passed the best picture ever of Cierra Theriac surfing on Bluff Cove.

As I started to get know Solsty better with her heart-laced emoji conversations, I asked what her favorite SL memory was.  She told me about her first surfing competitions at Solace Beach.  She excitedly stated, “I have so many, but maybe my first surf competition at Solace Beach with Moonie Kismet.  It was really exhilarating to finally see if all that practicing paid off. It made slurfing really exciting.”  What is the weirdest thing you found in SL, I ask?  Solsty was quick to mention Bodhi and something about him being awesome.  She did often refer to something like awesome sauce, which by her explanation is bits of awesome in a sauce. 

SL is such a conversational game, I wonder how people begin conversations with others.  Solsty tells me that she is a profile stalker and responds to what moves her from there.  Then I wonder what her SL autobiography would be?  Perhaps stalker of innocent AV’s?  Turns out she feels it’s something known as “Lost”.  There is no great way to paraphrase this next question and the answer is so genuine and fun, I will just add the quote, “If you could take credit for stealing any great works of art, or ideas, what would it be?  The camera or the internet or bottled water. I feel like bottled water would be the only believable one.”  There is nothing left to say after that.  

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