Thursday, July 20, 2017

SurfWatch In-World Issue 10

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[Editors note:  This was the final issue of SurfWatch In-World Edition, the realization of a project of love and dedication to Second Life (SL) surfing.  When I put Ashleigh Dickens in charge of this project, I had no idea she would take it to the level of excellence and professional quality that she created.  She leaves big shoes to fill, and we are hopeful at some point we can do an annual in-world Edition, maintaining the same quality Ashleigh brought to the in-world pages of SurfWatch.]


Kantbe Thursday said...

Way cool! Glad to see SurfWatch using Issuu for its Issue.

Especially since I feel asleep just before high tide and got my in world issue soaked!

er, not that I fell asleep reading it, Ash... (dang, foot in mouth disease strikes again)

CK said...

brilliant, love the new format!