Monday, July 24, 2017

Surfari Press Release: A Week of Surfin' Safari

Submitted by Solsty Kismet

The sun barely peeks over the mountain ridge as the Surfari Van turns onto the narrow path leading to the waves.  Kris Marley has been driving all night to make sure they get there during the morning break.  Bodhi Lowtide and Tyler Peace, still drunk from the night before, continuously sing songs in the very back while Gia Villano tries to calm the rest of the tired slurfers down with snacks. Once they finally arrive, Cierra Theriac and Flynn  Sheridan begin unpacking the van while Harmony Sandalphon and Tauri Tigerpaw begin their immediate photo-documenting of everyone's every move.

The weather is perfect and the sound of crashing waves along the shore instantly revives the Slurfers as they all pile out of the van at their first stop, HummingBird Point.  The terrible ruckus wake the sim owner, Shilow Carter and she's forced to see what all the commotion is outside.  Of course its the SLurfers, horsing around and yelling as they catch their first waves.  She grabs her board and instantly heads out to join them.  By the time the tents are up, Slurfers from all over the grid are arriving to share in the fun:  VW Sands and Mick Lunasea are seriously dodging each other's boards in the wave!

Connie Decosta patiently unpacks her SWACK, the backpack she designed for SurfWatch, so they can start a fire and set up camp while Jourdy Moretti takes an early morning selfie to document the beginning of an amazing Surf trip! Gia Villano pulls her fire sticks from her SWACK pack and sets them up for later in the evening when the SLurfers are ready to relax around the campfire and play drums.

This will be the start of an amazing week, filled with stories, laughs, alcohol, friends and of course LOTS of surfing! 
Surfari will start on Monday, July 24. Each location will be a secret and disclosed on that day. Follow the van's every move on SurfWatch and check the SLSA group chat inworld for ways to meet up and join us ♥

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