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Drunken Surfrat in Rubber Nose and Glasses Babbles "SurfJam Contest" at Local Taco Bar or SurfWatch Interview: VW Sands

SurfWatch's Tauri Tigerpaw recently caught up with VW Sands, Vibrations Surf Alliance (VSA) founder, former Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) Director, SLSA Hall of Famer, Official Surf Legend, in this exclusive interview at Barbuda Shores (234, 171, 21) - Moderate - HummingBird Point to find out where's he's been and what he's up to now.

SurfWatch (SW): You got a lil something something on your chin...right there...
VW Sands: Lol.  Flavor saver? Had this for years.

SW:  Ya, but I haven't really seen you in years! I was gone for like 5 years!  I'm almost a noob again, lol.
VW Sands: Neat that SurfWatch is up again. Enjoy that from time to time.

SW:  Lol, trying hard. Did you see the wrestler interview?  Those pictures of me in a headlock - a riot!
VW Sands: Oooooh!

SW: She face planted me on the mat, lol!
VW Sands: I GOTTA see THAT.

SW: So first question - and this will be painless, I promise, lol.
VW Sands: *gulp

SW: Shush.
VW Sands: No...Yes...Maybe..

SW: It's been, what?  2007 - 10 years, dang!
VW Sands: Roger, that. May 2007.

SW:  So the SL (Second Life) surfing technology hasn't really changed - it's still a board with a script on a wave but it seems like the vibe in general is different.  Talk a little about the early days of SL surfing and what it was like.
VW Sands: Well, as I´m not really "in" the current surf scene", I can´t really say but the "old" days much fun because we were all in the same boat. So to speak. It was just pure fun with "new" toys to play with.

SW: What was it about SL surfing that drew you to it?  I know you surf RL (real life).
VW Sands: I think it was more about the people and the lifestyle more than the surfing part. I mean, it´s nothing like paddling out in RL, that's a given. But what seems to transcend is the vibe of "sea people".  SL surfing is a blast, don´t get me wrong, but hanging out with friends is universal like.

SW: Oh man, do you remember you, me, Buffy (Munro), and Tony (Perlman) drinking on the beach?  I think we spent hours cracking up and falling down drunk, lol.
VW Sands: I have very faint recollections of drinking too much back in the day, yes.   ;-)

SW:  Hahahaha - save yourself!  So you still surf in SL?
VW Sands: Of course! Is a duck's arse water tight?  Still drink too much as well but....don´t print that.

SW: Rofl!  Oh ya, I'm soooooo printing that!  So since I've been back, I've noticed a huge drop in competitve surfing - they get maybe 10 competitors in a comp. What do you think happened there? We used to get 40 fighting to sign up!
VW Sands: Yeah? Sounds like the perfect time for a SurfJam ;-).  Dunno.  Burnout?

SW: I dunno - I just got back myself, lol.  No one hanging out at the beach...few spontaneous parties.  No one can really tell me what happened except maybe SL dropped off.
VW Sands: Like I said, I´m kinda removed from the scene but maybe some of the old firestarters just aren´t starting fires anymore.

SW: Why have you stepped away?  You were such a big part of it.
VW Sands: I dunno. It started to get too political for me. It seemed like "comp surfing" had become way too serious and winning was to be had at any cost.  It was still fun running comps but competing and politics just sorta burned me out, I guess.

SW: Would you consider getting involved again now that that doesn't seem to be an issue?
VW Sands: I would consider running my SurfJam comps again. As well as Surfari now and again :-)  Anytime the SLSA (Second Life Surfing Association) needs a hand, they know where to find me.

SW: SurfJam would be fun! I would love to have the SurfJams start back up!  I placed in the finals in my first one and never got to do another cause of marshalling and SurfWatch - let me have my comeback!
VW Sands: I have the perfect sim set for SurfJam, so who knows. Maybe I´ll surprise folks and have a wheelchair comp ;-)

SW: Oh hahahahaha, you have to now, lol!
VW Sands: So yeah....SurfJam might be a way to bring back the Vibe of the old days. Who knows :-)

SW: That would be awesome - please let me help if I'm in the day you have it!
VW Sands: The day I have're marshalling, lol.

SW: Omg, I'm not sure I remember how!  Lol, how about I sing after?  WTH, it's a SurfJam!  I'll marshall!
VW Sands: Deal.

SW: So I was going to have you talk about some highlights of the past but -
VW Sands: But?

SW: I think this is looking forward and way more fun to think about, lol.  I was looking through some really old pics, everyone on the deck, we were always all doing something, lol.
VW Sands: You know what they say......if ya wanna see the future, ya gotta understand the past :-)

SW: Well, in that case, is there a particular time or memory that comes to mind when you think about the best SL surfing times in the past?
VW Sands: Rad's (Radical Twang) place, the Boneyard and the comps there. What a blast. The real early SurfJams like 1 - 5, 6 when we started the comps by guzzling rum...........

SW: Lol.
VW Sands: Quan Li sim @ midnight with Seb (Sebastian Saramago) and Heather (Goodliffe).........The list goes on and on.  Flynn's (Flynn Sheridan) place, Bahia, with Craig (Stallion) and TK (Tightline Kidd).......Oh man.  Pova (Rustamova) on acid........Just say stop.

SW: Hahahahaha!  No way!
VW Sands: Well, I´m not sure he was actually on acid but he sure surfed like it. The parties on the deck. 2 waves....4 beers......3 waves....2 shooters....

SW: Lol, good times for sure!
VW Sands: You remember!

SW: I could never forget, lol!  Whenever you show up, there's a rumbling legend...mumble..idk who starts that.
VW Sands: I could wear a rubber nose and glasses and even the few that do know me wouldn't recognise me ;-)

SW:  Rofl!!!!  I have one if you don't - I will happily lend to the cause!
VW Sands: Lol.  So the headline would be: "Drunken surf rat in rubber nose and glasses babbles SurfJam contest at local taco bar".

SW: Oh ya, I'm copying that right now.
VW Sands: Lol.

[Editor's Note:  VW Sands will be covering SL Surf History at SL Surf Camp's final day of week 1 on Saturday, 7/22, 12 noon SLT at Teahupo'o]

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