Friday, July 28, 2017

Conversations with Nash: Kristen Wrydan

Submitted by Nash Laville

Nash LaVille, Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) Director and long-time soul surfer, shares his enlightening, interesting and sometimes hilarious conversations in Second Life (SL). This post he visits with Kristen Wryden, inducted into the SLSA twice as back to back season runner-up in 2014. "I was looking forward to talking about many things, and she did not disappoint."

Nash Laville: ^^ Hi, Kristen. Would you like to join me at Bundy?
Kristen Wrydan: Hi.
 Nash Laville: How are you?
Kristen Wrydan: Feel great. I did lots of my hobbies tonight and stuff. I have been sorta vacant here except for my family.  Special forces.

Nash Laville: Maybe it's part of being blonde?
Kristen Wrydan:  Ok, lol.

Nash Laville: Ahhhhhhhh, hobbies.
Kristen Wrydan: I have interests I enjoy doing in my normal life.

Nash Laville: You have a normal life?
Kristen Wrydan:  Spying, lol, and espionage. I like collecting stamps.

Nash Laville: Ah, what is your favorite tweezer???
Kristen Wrydan: Stamps. I use, lol, tweezers, hinges, to paste them on page, lol. I feel tranquil and content. Relaxes me to do my interests.

Nash Laville: This is supposed to be a surf conversation.
Kristen Wrydan:  Ok. I first surfed in Honolulu.  There were different size waves from very small to, of course, the big ones. I had an instructor, and he just said, "Get on board when wave comes. I will push you and you paddle.  Then stand. Easy."

Nash Laville: Nuttin to it, at least the first time. Now, to STAY standing is the trick.
Kristen Wrydan: Since in Long Island, New York, I surfed a few times on the east side.  Yes, standing then to turn (cut) is a challenge for me and to cut in back . I was able on a long board to get one foot for a hang 5.

Nash Laville:  My shoulders dislocate when I paddle.
Kristen Wrydan: I would help that like we did in martial arts, use Vasaline to protect the friction and forces for sparring and surfing. So I am responsible to free associate, lol, since you are semi-conversable.  Smiles.  Ok.

Nash Laville: (In best Marlon Brando impression) "get the butter". Let's see what this place has. There is a place at the end in a tree where the wave starts I've always wanted to see.  I feel like a judge sitting here
Kristen Wrydan: Are you a judge?

Nash Laville: No.
Kristen Wryden: Did you get sleep?

Nash Laville: Yes.
Kristen Wrydan: Sweet.

Nash Laville: I ate.
Kristen Wrydan: Did your diet include all the foods in the pyramid?

Nash Laville: Did you hear? They found some primo camel jerky in the pyramids.
Kristen Wrydan: So the camel get barbecued?  Or actually cured.

Nash Laville: Smoked.
Kristen Wrydan: Yes, smoked.

Nash Laville: With salts. Cured.
Kristen Wrydan: Would be a delicacy.

Nash Laville: Wrapped in mummy cloth? It is! It's the best. Especially the top of the hump.
Kristen Wrydan: My dad smoked camel cigs long time ago.

 Nash Laville: I rest my case. Have you ever judged?
Kristen Wrydan: No.

Nash Laville: Me either, though I have been accused of it.
Kristen Wrydan: I would need to surf in a SLSA comp before I would get in judge school.

Nash Laville: I believe you.
Kristen Wrydan: It's a precious great privilege to have the selection to do. Judge.

Nash Laville: Dig. Just hard to get trained.
Kristen Wrydan: Camera work is required as well as being totally impartial.

Nash Laville: So from what I see now...your take off/ popup / entrance...the first moment into the  wave must really account for a lot.
Kristen Wrydan: And quick eyes and attentive patience with experience as surfer, too.

Nash Laville: I've been practicing
Kristen Wrydan: Great!!

Nash Laville:  But still I keep bellying.
Kristen Wrydan: Remember Nash, the first wave is usually a conservative ride. The last two get it on.

Nash Laville: Dig.  Usually I'll prefer just to sit one out and observe the second one.
Kristen Wrydan: There may a rather vast gulf between soul surfing and comp surfing so experience in comps is required at first to strike big and for judging. First of all, the sim may have a lot of lag due to population, and spikes.

Nash Laville: I got spikes.
Kristen Wrydan: I'm sure you rode in comp before.

Nash Laville: Yeah A fun comp.
Kristen Wrydan: Maybe in the da Chi days?

Nash Laville: Like, 2012. It was for the Montego Fun Comp, it says. I got a trophy.
KrisWryden: OK.  I have been in four comps that didn't SLSA count. I made finals in two.

Nash Laville: Wow.
Kristen Wrydan: Once was at HP5 Crab Island actually.

Nash Laville: Aha, on the Teahupo'o.
Kristen Wrydan: Colleen wanted me there. Yes, I could tear that up today if Leo's (Leogarto Burt) sim was there.  I practiced for almost a year at Crab Island.

Nash Laville: I can rez one for you.
Kristen Wrydan: I have one.

Nash Laville: Let's rezz them BOTH!  I feel like surfing.
Kristen Wrydan:  Ok, I will need to change clothes...or walk like an angel.

Nash Laville: The angel walk sounds nice. Would you like a Chicklet?
Kristen Wrydan: I have Alkloids, ty.

Nash Laville: )
Kristen Wrydan: Oops.  TMI.

Nash Laville: Ahaha. Do you like surf flicks?
Kristen Wrydan: I never watch them. I sometinmes post them on Facebook.

Nash Laville: Woah.
Kristen Wrydan: I get attention when I do (giggles).

Nash Laville: I need to check that out...but you have never watched them? Only post?  Takes a swig of beer.  I just crank up the sunshine.........see the ocean spray a lil....... everything beautiful and bam.....hit  it and carve.
Kristen Wrydan: Flying is hard now since I went to big jetliners.

Nash Laville: But you get more air. What music have you been listening to?
Kristen Wrydan: 21 pilots. Ok, let's surf.  I will change and join you.

Nash Laville: Thank you.
Kristen Wrydan: TY for evening. Word peace.

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