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The Legends Series: Syx Toshi Interviews Leogarto Burt (Originally Posted 11/17/2009)

Within the pages of SurfWatch is the rich history of Second Life (SL) surfing from the mouths of the surfers that created or developed or promoted or excelled in this virtual sport over the years.  Enjoy these interviews and the perspective from these surf legends as SurfWatch begins "The Legends Series".

submitted by Syx Toshi

Recently I dropped by HP Surf Point to see how Leogarto Burt was coming along with his new wave, the Teahupoo. Fresh off his lecture at Surf Fest, Leo was eager to talk about his latest creation.  As always, I believe in full disclosure; as many of you may know, I use HP4 products throughout my regions. I’m a big fan of HP4 Board designs and sell them in my shop.

Syx Toshi:  Leo, for all those people out there that really enjoy your waves and surfboards but don’t know much about you the creator, could you tell me how you first came to Second Life and how you became involved in the great surf community?
Leogarto Burt:  I knew of Second Life through an article in a magazine, but my first experience was frustrating because my computer at the time did not meet the requirements. After purchasing other equipment, I could get into SL - this was in mid-2007.  After about two days with a pounding headache, I found search and what was the first word I entered?!? "SURF", of course. I found that I could visit several islands with surf and chose the now defunct Kahuna Beach as my favorite and where I began my activities.

Syx Toshi:  What inspired you to start creating your own waves and boards?
Leogarto Burt:  At this point, I think the main reason is the love of surfing in RL, an activity that I have enjoyed for more than 20 years and reflects my lifestyle, so it was surfing that I brought voluntarily to SL.
With the theme in mind and being endlessly curious, I had the support of my wife (also a surfer), a great patriotism and willingness to innovate. I've always had a keen creative spirit and thus was inspired to just get out there and start creating in SL.

Syx Toshi:  Leo, what was the progression of wave development for you that has ultimately culminated in your latest creation, the Teahupoo Waves?
Leogarto Burt:  The Wave, Teahupoo, is the result of our work where we have joined all the best practices gained in previous models, in which can be highlighted:
- Use of sculpted prims, giving a much more harmonious than the objects made directly in SL;
- Use of megaprims, eliminating the seams and the problems of timing;
- Use of several sculpted prims in sequence, giving a sense of movement never before developed;
- Use of textures, sounds and particles, such as increased quality and reality.

Syx Toshi:  What do you see as the major advancements that your latest wave has over your Jaws Waves?
Leogarto Burt:  The design of Teahupoo brings two important events - the first refers to its shape, where sculpted prims were built to give the impression of a wave breaking over the side and not centralized as Jaws and Sunset. The second is to change the script so that the wave will move to the front, as usual, but also moves to the side indicated by the formation, continuing the wave. Thus, a fast and extensive wave arises providing more than 200 meters of fun!

Syx Toshi:  I have surfed the Teahupoo and it is stunningly beautiful and behaves closer to a real wave than anything I’ve seen in SL to date. How did you achieve this sculpted marvel?
Leogarto Burt:  After watching several videos of surfing at RL Teahupoo, along with the experience from other projects designed in 2D, I created a whole sequence of the wave, which served as template for the 3D rendering. This required much work to create the look which I felt to be extremely critical to the success of this wave.

Syx Toshi:  One thing that I’m very curious about is the technical specifications of the wave. What will the waves dimensions and features that people will have to choose from? Additionally what will the performance requirements be? As you know all waves in SL can be run on HS sims, but waves like your Jaws and SSI EPICS run best on full sims.
Leogarto Burt:  Teahupoo -The Waves is a wave with 100 meters in width and variable height of approximately 10 meters. It has a series of 20 stages and constant speed back and left with a life expectancy of more than 40 seconds. The installation requires a specific area of ocean with the ocean floor terraformed to slope similar to a backslash "\" or the left leg of a letter "V". Then with a rectangle of 220 x 180 meters, one can take alternate corners, one bottom and one above, for sand and buildings.   Due to the complexity of managing all these innovations presented and the need for performance, there is unfortunately no possibility for the owner to change the variables of the script at this time, however this is something that might perhaps be available in the future. However, by buying such a product, all can be assured that it has been rigorously tested and its variables determined to present the best possible performance. Regarding the performance on a HS, I can say that one can halve the time of the script compared to Jaws Waves, which after the last upgrade, already had the same conditions in a HS not overloaded with other scripts as did in a full.

Syx Toshi:  Once you have perfected the wave, what is going to be your pricing strategy? Will you be pricing this for a select few that can afford the best, or going after the mass market?
Leogarto Burt:  Recently, I have significantly reduced the prices of Sunsets and Jaws, to encourage new purchases. Now available with Teahupoo, Jaws should see further price reduction or new upgrade for better functioning. Waves like Jaws and Teahupoo, because of their size, require large areas which prevents the use by the masses and this, together with its benefits should be maintained at a slightly higher price, but always in tune with the market.  Once I have more free time, I will make smaller, more simple waves to supply the market of new residential and commercial property that do not have large areas of ocean. These waves will be priced much more affordably.

Syx Toshi:  Considering the size and dynamic traits of this wave, do you see this as the main competition waves for your organization?
Leogarto Burt:  Surely this wave is my best creation, I myself was surprised with its performance and how close it is to my initial idealization. Now, it is better to let Second Life surfers respond.

Syx Toshi:  Leo, in your opinion where do you see surfing and wave development going in Second Life?
Leogarto Burt:  After all this contact with the SL, its internal resources and external tools, I have the feeling that there is no ceiling where everything is even and no limit to the imagination and creativity. So I can say nothing to what the future promises.

Syx Toshi:  Leo, finally I’ll ask you the same question I asked of Sebastian (Saramago); Now that you are ready to release the new wave, what is next for HP4 in the way of surfboard and wave advancement?
Leogarto Burt:  Bahhh, I see I will have to keep all these promises, lol. Initially HP4 Jaws, had an excellent interaction with Waves Teahupoo, but certainly there are some changes and new developments that should be taken in making better use of the new wave. Perhaps soon we will post the version HP4 Teahupoo, to the public. And in 2010, you can look for version HP5, with more significant changes.

Syx Toshi:  Leogarto, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk about the amazing Teahupoo wave.
Leogarto Burt:  Syx, I am grateful for the opportunity provided by Surf Monkey to present my work, I received the invitation with great honor. Finally, I want to say that the new Teahupoo Waves, can already be purchased directly from me, until the vendor is available in stores HP. The good that can come out of contacting me directly - a discount or premium trading, which I personally enjoy. The more I am able to answer any questions and assist in whatever is needed for optimal functioning of the New Teahupoo, the more all will enjoy as well. A big hug to everyone.

Closing from Syx Toshi:
I will be providing a full review of this wave once it has been released but having surfed this baby, I think the world of SL surfing is on the verge of a major advancement. With the Teahupoo and New EPIC being released shortly, the face of virtual surfing is in for a treat not seen since the first wave rose from the SL oceans!

If you want to see Teahupoo Waves in all its glory, go to:

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