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The Legends Series: Syx Toshi Interviews Mick Lunasea (Originally Posted 12/23/2009)

Within the pages of SurfWatch is the rich history of Second Life (SL) surfing from the mouths of the surfers that created or developed or promoted or excelled in this virtual sport over the years.  Enjoy these interviews and the perspective from these surf legends as SurfWatch begins "The Legends Series".

submitted by Syx Toshi

Recently I stumbled across Mick Lunasea laying face down on the beach at Pacific Coast Hwy (PCH). I was checking his pocket for loose change and then I realized he was indeed alive. I had to come up with a quick story why I had a hand full of change and his straw hat on. That’s when it came to me! I told him that I really wanted to interview him for my blog (smiles). [editor's note:  click the SS6 icon under sponsor logos on the right to link to Syx' blog]

Mick is the owner and designer of SURFCRAZY and has been a fixture in the Second Life (SL) surfing universe for quite some time; he is involved with just about every surf organization here in SL and also served as an SLSA director.

SS6-Mick, how did you come to be in Second Life, and how long was it until you discovered the surf Scene?
Mick-I recevied an email from a buddy.  The subject line was "Second Life, for those who have NO LIFE",  lmao. After stumbling through orientation, I arrive at a snowy welcome area.  I trudge through snow and immediately observed a vampire fly in and seduce some girl. After a few excursions (winks), I do a search for SURF. I landed at Robin Mapp's "Surf City".

SS6-Since arriving in SL what's been your best experience?
Mick-Definately meeting people from all over the USA and worldwide.

SS6-Mick, what was your motivation in starting Surfcrazy?
Mick-My original intent was to promote my RL surf business, home of "Stanley's World Famous Surfboard Logo Library". I've been involved in the surfboard industry for decades now.

SS6-Like some other surfboard designers, you also have a full line of men’s and women’s surf and beach clothes.  Are you the main designer or do you have help? What is your inspiration for your clothes and accessories?
Mick-I design and create all that I sell in my shops. Being iinvolved in the Real Life (RL) rag business, I wanted to create authentic surf wear fresh off the beaches of southern California.

SS6-Mick, you’ve also done some great design work on your surfboards.  Why did you choose to go with the Action platform over some of the other options out there?
Mick-Action provided the most economical way to feature my artwork. I like the interesting approach to SL surfing the Action surfboards provide, especially the wipe out enabled mode. After creating textures for SSi mod boards, I offer design services for SSi boards, as well. I wish I would have entered the Monkey Cove Surfboard Art contest.  I was drooling at the thought of an SSI line of surfboards. I'd love to do an SSi line being they're the most popular boards in SL.
All my surfboard artwork is created from scratch 0 no googled images. I draw inspiration from RL surfboards. I personally shaped, deorated and glassed around 30 RL surfboards. There are reasons why RL surfboards look a certain way due to the manufacturing techniques involved.

SS6-It seems like everyone has a favorite creator of surfboards which, when you think about it, is natural.  All RL surfers have favorites so why would SL be different?  Do you think that in order for all boards to be acceptable in competitions, there should be a competition specification?
Mick-For an even playing field, comp spec boards are necessary in organizations that stipulate one manufacturer board be ridden. The main invisible prim length should be the exact size of the visible deck size for both short and long boards, in my opinion. Prim weight should be standardized, as well as density
There is room for specialized open surfing events "run what you brung". Judging criteria could be the most critical maneuvers in the most crititical part of the wave.

SS6-Knowing all the players, do you think a competition spec would ever be possible?
Mick-Best way is to issue comp boards to riders via rezzers or other means. This was done in the past - a board was given to each comp rider. Another way would be dealers sell certified comp approved boards where only artwork can be changed like Actions Pro Slammer.

SS6-Recently, you and Revlon Benoir hosted Surf Fest, which was terrific.  Do you see next year being bigger, and do you have any thoughts you might share regarding the next Surf Fest?
Mick-The Surf Festival was a lot of fun.  The next one is in the planning stages. We're considering many options and want to involve more of the surf community.

SS6-What are 3 things that you would like people to know about you or your work here in SL?
Mick-1 Authentic, 2 Surf, 3 Gear. Laughs

SS6-Finally, I’ll ask you what I ask every creator: what’s next in the pipeline for Surfcrazy?
Mick-More cool clothes and products for people to enjoy : )

SS6-Mick, I really appreciate your time and don’t worry, I bought my own hat!

Here’s where you can find SURFCRAZY products:
or contact Mick Lunasea for more locations!

Here’s Mick’s Home Break:

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Lissa Pinion said...

Great interview! Did ya get much change tho? I never get more than .50 when I find Mick passed out on the beach :-)

Colleen Brennan said...

I am one of the many many people who are happy you received that e-mail and decided to land in SL. You are one of the people who keeps it real.