Friday, June 2, 2017

From Mess to Mesh: SurfWatch Resident Part 2

Photos courtesy Maxwell Silvansky

So what did come first, the chicken or the egg?  Signs saying Free Hair are the equivalent of yelling, "Squirrel!" to my dog. They immediately draw my undivided attention.  But you can't build an updated avatar from the hair out!  Maybe you can, but I think we need to start with shape and skin.

Heading over to Kona Beach,  Woodridge (97, 197, 21) - Moderate - Kona Beach and Surfing, enter the shop and tucked in amongst all the cool beachwear, look for the wall that says, "Womens Complete Avatars".  You can find a choice of two free looks "includes skin, shape, eyes, mesh hair and mesh bikini" called Jade and Ginger and labeled as "Kona Free Gift".  And to maximize the delicious freebies at Kona Beach, head to the opposite wall and grab all three free mesh hair styles!  Thank you, Kona Beach!

And while you are shopping and looking at all the outfits, there are some more free gifts: Kona Mesh Board Shorts in 5 sizes for the men and two sets of Kona Bikini with Ties and Mesh Body Appliers for the women.  Men, look for your free Kona avatars:  Logan and Wade, across the store in the men's section, plus the additional free men's hair.

If you know of any other places that offer free mesh avatars, hair and mesh clothes, let us know and we will get the word out for all those penny-pinching avatars!

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