Thursday, May 11, 2017

More About Surfboards: Mick Lunasea

Submitted by Opal Rivers

Recently I was able to speak with Mick Lunasea about his surf shop and boards.  He is long-time resident and creator in Second Life (SL), who kindly answered some of the questions I had regarding SL surfboards.  Mick is a surfboard creator who owns Country Soul One Love Surfboard Factory.  The shop has one of a kind surfboards that you can purchase or place a special order. This is a fabulous and rare opportunity to own your own custom surf board.   This shop is located on Island Sea Soul (200,210,24).   Mick's also has stores on the SL Marketplace at a store called Mick's Treasures.  This store is a must visit for unique items.        
As we know from previous SurfWatch stories, the first Second Life (SL) surfboards were made of oval prims.  Today’s surfboards are dynamic, with a focus on realism.  It was Mick who pointed out to me that when you consider that a surfboard is a vehicle, the object becomes more complex.  There can be up to 32 objects linked to the surfboard and are recognized SL physics.   In terms of SL, in a builders world, how an item reacts (the physics) while in the SL world, is a primary concern.   In general, today’s SL surfboards use a variety of prims with a mesh hull.  Mick also made an interesting point when he stated that a surf wave has many different ways to push a surfboard, and the way the board is crafted and scripted affects the performance of the surfboard while being pushed on the wave.  Even the fins on the boards have the potential of creating drag on the surfboard if they are too great in depth.  It was surprising the details, time, and efforts used to create a surfboard that can withstand the strength of a Maverick wave. 

Now that the surfboards are created, we need a scripter and an animator.  Scripters for surfboards are difficult to find as they are a rare breed.  Mick told me he was fortunate enough to own the rights to use no modify beta scripts from one of the few SL scripters and animators.  Therefore, Mick creates one of a kind, limited creations surfboards and can load them with the beta scripts. 

Mick, who is a real-life surfboard creator and is still going strong in RL (real life) and SL, is always creating one of a kind creations for us to enjoy.  When asked what his inspiration is, he states, “Meeting people, creating personalized custom artwork for their deck and bottom. The better it looks inspires you to ride better. I enjoy creating one of a kind surfboards and tribute surfboards. My factory is buy and take, there isn't unlimited numbers of them available. Just one.” 

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