Friday, May 5, 2017

Kantbe Serious: No Nudes is Good Nudes?

Submitted by Kantbe Thursday

You know how it is when you get this unscratchable itch to get out and surf, but all of your bikinis or board shorts are so saturated with water and sand that it will take FOREVER to get them washed out and ready to use again?  What in the world can you do?

Go to a nude beach, of course!

Then there are those times when you’ve put on so much sun screen that you’ve had to cover places you normally don’t expose to the sun.  Don’t want that to go to waste, do you?  What can you do?

Go to a nude beach, of course!

Sometimes, you just want to feel the sun, air, and water on your skin and not be encumbered by beachwear. So what do you do?

Go to a nude beach, of course!

But how do you find one?  When there are like a bazillion surfing spots out there, how can you know which ones are swim suit optional without having to teleport from this one to that one until you finally find one?

You could always ask in group IM, “Hey Y’all know where I can go surf nude?”  Trust me, that gets all sorts of chatter in the group chat window (and maybe a couple of private messages), but you may never actually end up with a name of a place to go.  You may have invitations to come over and check out some sketches or invitations for a date, but no beach name.

What I do, er, what I’ve heard you can do, is use either of the Teleport boards provided by Clairebear or Kantbe.  A few of the beach names are clear enough that you can pretty much tell clothing is optional.  Also, when you pick one to teleport, a World Map pops up.  You can see the region maturity rating on the map along with the name of the region.  If it says Adult, chances are pretty good, although not guaranteed, that the beach will be clothing optional.

Another thing looking at the World Map can indicate is how busy a beach is.  While there’s a bit of a delay in who is actually there, the map can kind of show if the beach has been busy recently or not.

Another way to find a beach is to look at your wet and wadded up notecard of the Surfwatch public surfing sim list out of your beach bag.  When you pass your finger (OK, when you mouse over) the name of the beach on the list, it will show the full name of the beach along with it’s maturity rating.

Done!  You’ve got a smaller list of beaches to try.

It’s probably a good idea to check to see if there are any rules at the beach.  They vary a little.  Some are not beachwear optional.  No shirt, no shoes, so to speak.  Many let you wear all or part of your swimwear, but still don’t want you pixel perving others on the beach.  Some encourage it.  Just about all of them have warnings about walking around with your flagpole exposed.  If you have to keep it up, cover it up, so take a towel.

There may be one more thing you’ll want to do.  You’ll probably want to check the weather conditions.  You might not want to go to a nude beach if it’s too cold.   You girls know what I mean.  They don’t call it “nippy” for nothing.  And you guys, you may not want that Big Johnson to turn into a Mister Peanut when you’ve left your board shorts at home (another good reason for the towel).

Oh My God!  What is THAT?

[Beaches used as sign illustrations are Bare Buns, Cobra Lands, The Dreamers Island, and Secret Beach]

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Kanjena Sweetleaf said...

Great article, usually the first thing I look for when I go to a new beach is the covenant to see if they have a no nudity rule, just in case I break it. I have had issues in the past when surfing topless where I've been told to cover up or leave, but the men were all topless so...this dilemma soon became an argument about equality which did put me off my surfing somewhat. :D