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Who's on the Beach? A follow up to the Surfer's Bay story

Submitted by Opal Rivers
Photos courtesy Dreamy Paradise

While doing the story on Surfer’s Bay, I was able to speak with Dreamy Paradise about her thoughts and experiences in Second Life (SL).  She has been a resident for almost 3 years. 
Pictured:  Dreamy Paradise

On the day I met her, she was at Surfer’s Bay exploring new photography techniques and to enjoy the beach vibe.  One of her passions happens to be photography, and she graciously provided the photographs for this interview.  Dreamy also has a passion for DJ’ing.  She has come to SL to pursue her passions in the form of artistic expression on the SL forum. 

 Surfer's Bay

Dreamy considers herself to be a person who is intrigued by others. Some people more than others.  She looks to new Avatars' profile to determine if she would like to greet and exchange in conversation with them.  A good picture or a friendly greeting will inspire her to begin a conversation.  

Friday, June 23, 2017

SurfWatch Fashion Focus: Free or Almost Free Bikinis and Swimwear on MarketPlace! A How To......

Submitted by Valerie Lavender

There's more to the Second Life (SL) surf scene than the wave.  Beaches are full of dudes and babes checking each other out and checking out the latest in beach fashion.  Stay tuned for Valerie's regular series on SurfWatch Beach Fashion.

Through the years I have found that there are plenty of free or less than L$10 bikinis on the MarketPlace and we all love a bargain right?  I have bought 20 or 30 of them and only had to toss 1 or 2 due to a bad fit.  So what are you waiting for?  Let me give you some helpful tips.......

*sign up for MarketPlace if you have not already.

*on the left side of page are categories or filters.  Choose Apparel and under that Women's Bikinis..  At the top of the page are more search filters.  I always make sure my searches include adult items.  Under keyword put "free" (no quotations).  

*okay it tells me 388 matching items have been found.  I also add that I want to see 24 items per page and that under "Sort By" I select Price:  Low to High.

*Hit search and see what you get!  You may get a lot of demos of higher priced kinis at the beginning of the listings but keep on scrolling.  I promise many goodies are to be found and all for under $L10.  If you prefer mesh then be sure the one you select say mesh in the description.

Pictured is a lovely I found today.  It's a 

::: MFSL Fashion :::

100% Mesh in five sizes
Model:  Valerie 
Location:  T'ai 
Hair:  DeLa Fitted Mesh Hair Blondes "Kelsey"
Head:  Catwa AnnaGrey
Body:  Maitreya Lara 3.5
Shape:  Custom by Nash
Jewelry:  ^^Swallow^^ Lock of Love Necklace and Matching Ring
Appliers:  DeeTale Z Catwa Head Face Gaby Mixed Type

Contact me if you need any help!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Legends Series: INTERVIEW-- DeVinna Toll (Originally Posted 2/14/2008)

Within the pages of SurfWatch is the rich history of Second Life (SL) surfing from the mouths of the surfers that created or developed or promoted or excelled in this virtual sport over the years.  Enjoy these interviews and the perspective from these surf legends as SurfWatch begins "The Legends Series".

SurfWatch was fortunate enough to catch avid Second Life surfer DeVinna Toll out of the water this week for an exclusive interview.DeVinna, or Devi to her friends, is still ecstatic about her recent trophy win at the SLSA Majini Surfing Competition in January: "it's my first ever first-place trophy! Woot!". The first place gives her an early lead as number one in the 2008 SLSA standings, following on from her fifth place in the overall 2007 surfing competition table. The dark haired, tattooed and, dare we say it, cute, surfer girl, looks quiet low key when off the beach, favouring hoodies, jeans and sneakers, casual all the way. However, looks can be deceiving! You can probably find DeVinna surfing at Sunset Bay, which she owns together with her partner Rani Decosta, at one of Helio Estates surf beaches or with her new found friends at Majini.

SurfWatch: How long have you been SL surfing?

DeVinna: I've been bustin' my British ass surfing ever since I found Second Life. It's been over a year now! [laughs]

SurfWatch: What was your very first board?

DeVinna: Namiko 500L and 'had to camp my ass off to get it! [laughs]

SurfWatch: What board are you using these days?
MC Surfboards Range

SurfWatch: How often do you find time to surf?

DeVinna: Every day!

SurfWatch: What's your favourite surf break?

DeVinna: Sunset Bay and Majini beach are my faves, with a twist of my friend's place Heliopolis too.

SurfWatch: Do you have a favourite wave?

DeVinna: I'm fluffies and pipes all the way! Big EPICs? I eat them for breakfast. Yum!

SurfWatch: Do you have a favourite or trademark maneuver?

DeVinna: I like to think I can pull off the carve-up wave upsidedown flip! You be the judge!

SurfWatch: When did you start entering SL surf competitions?

DeVinna: I entered my name as soon as the first surfing competition came along (after a lot of hard training and working my little fingers to the bone to impress the surfers of SL!) I have a passion for surfing RL and surfing gave my Second Life a little purpose, you know? It can't all be sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll and shopping all the time! [laughs]

SurfWatch: Do you see the line-ups getting busier these days?

DeVinna: Completely! There's alot of good friends of mine on the water these days, plus some new talent: creeping up on me everyday! Devinna's gonna have to keep an eye on these new surfers and up her game every day! [smiles]

SurfWatch: Are you an active member of any surfing clubs / teams?

DeVinna: Not at the moment. I have always wondered why no one would ask me to be in there surf team! Perhaps, I'm just missunderstood! When you get to know me then you'll find that friendly, fun and surf is me all over! [winks] The only guy that gave me a shot was MC Surfboards: yay! The owner is a good buddy of mine (and excellent designer by the way).

SurfWatch: Any plans to get involved in the business of surfing?

DeVinna: Nope, I'm just happy that all my friends and the SL surfing community can see that I love surfing, have fun everyday with them and have a good laugh. However, if anybody out there in commerce land is interested in Devi Toll, surf nerd, who loves to be involved in surfing in any way possible: just gimmie a crack round my UK head and say "hey, get working girl!" And maybe I'll take them up on it...

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

SurfWatch Fashion Focus: Hair! Flexi or Mesh?

Submitted by Valerie Lavender

There's more to the Second Life (SL) surf scene than the wave.  Beaches are full of dudes and babes checking each other out and checking out the latest in beach fashion.  Stay tuned for Valerie's regular series on SurfWatch Beach Fashion.

I was looking among the SL (Second Life) forums for some interesting data about the older style flexi hair (which still has a following) and the newer mesh styles that so many love to wear.  I wanted to get a history of how it all developed and the pros and cons of each style.  Well, I found the perfect topic under Forums/mesh - and - flexi - hair!  I want to give credit where due so let me provide a direct link for you to the community forum page you need.  You'll be able to see who started the topic and all the responses.  It provides very good information you will find useful.  Visit

Example flex hair:  IvankaV1 sWEET HAIR sWEET FACEs (model Tauri Tigerpaw)

This Forum topic is from 2014 yet all the info is still considered current.  There are a few more hair developers now that try to incorporate both flexi and mesh into one hair style.  For example, using mesh for the all over look and adding flexi whispies etc.  Catwa, as pointed out in the forum, uses both flexi and mesh in a few of their hairstyles.

NEW is the LeLutka "Swish" hair which uses what they call animated hair (not flexi).  Follow this link to the MarketPlace to pick up a demo
Example mesh hair:  =DeLa*= Elsie (model Tauri Tigerpaw)

Also visit this page from the Strawberry Singh blog which goes into more detail on the Swish hair.  [Editor's note:  link under SurfWatch "Links We Like!" in the sidebar to the right].  She also posted some videos so that you can see the effects of the "swish" which doesn't show up in static photographs.

If you have anything to add, please leave comments!


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Opal's Gems: Surfer's Bay

Submitted by Opal Rivers

Join the pages of SurfWatch as we explore Opal's Gems of Second Life (SL) surf sims.

Inspired by the Naked Surf Nation, I went looking for surf beaches that would work for gatherings since some surf beaches do not allow naked surfing.  Surfer’s Bay not only allows naked surfing, it encourages it.  Fabulous!  When you first land on Surfer’s Bay, it’s hard not to notice the ban lines that exist.  Wait what, we must pay for admission?  Are the 300 lindens, worth the experience?  After a few minutes of debate between new hair, shoes, or club membership for sim access, I finally decide to give Surfer’s Bay a go. 
Surfer’s Bay (located at 88, 77, 22 on the Second Life SL grid) is a collaboration of Duncan Blackburn and Rikki Six (giselehendrix).  The duo met on a quiet beach and began discussing what design elements would be need to create a good beach sim and which do not.  From this conversation, the inspiration for Surfer’s Bay began.  Rikki is the talent behind the landscape and sim design.  Her skill is quite obvious.  Duncan is the sim’s administration talent, and considering all the amenities the sim supports low lag.  Duncan has been in SL for 9+ years and still enjoys the experience of working on sims and meeting people from all over the world.  Rikki is a 6+ year SL resident who loves her store (*girlfriend*, located on the SL grid at 129,145, 23), working creatively while modeling, and hanging out with friends.

The island sim is very beautiful once it rezzes.  It is just a quick walk along the pristine sandy beach that you arrive at the surf beach.  This cove has many cozy spots for yourself and one or two friends.  There are the standard surfboard rezzers that allow everyone to test the Maoli Waves, or you can rez your own board, since you are now a group member.  This group tag allows you to be named a Surfer’s Bay Surfer.  The surf wave is definitely unique.  The co-owner, Duncan tells me “In order to take full advantage of our island configuration, I set the wave up in a slightly unique way. We not only move forward toward the beach but also have the wave moving sideways as well. This give a longer ride which creates a long, smooth, and very enjoyable ride.”  It is my observation that, based on the number of quiet locations to cuddle in, this is not the only ride he is promoting.  If you like the speedy rides, you can enjoy a speed boat rezzer and a jet ski rezzer.  If you keep walking westward on this “no fly” beach, you will eventually find the Bay Dance floor.  This fun area is great for the entertainment that happens on this community-like sim.  There are multiple gathering areas for romantic moments with friend(s).  As you continue to wander, you will eventually end up on Turtle Bay.  The wildlife is fascinating to include turtles’ that scurry around making nests and laying eggs.  Here you will find the entrance to the lower end caves. 

The realistic cave trail has stalactites that make you want to watch the head room in the cave.  When you finally see daylight, you find yourself at the most beautiful tropical lake area.  The ice-blue island lake is dotted with mangrove trees, lush tropical foliage, and quiet cuddle areas.  This area of the sim is like the best resort ever.  The Beach Combers’ Bar is a serious fun spot to enjoy a drink and relax after a long day of riding stuff.  As I enjoy the drink, I realize there is a tennis court here, too.  A short hike up the mountain leads to the hot spring rock pools, beautiful views, and a very special tent.  This could be considered the best view on the sim, in my opinion.  The second crystal lake boasts a lobster buffet that I highly recommend in a 5-Star way.  

The descent down the steep cliffs gives a clear view of something in the water.  This is where the sunken pirate ship is found.  If diving is your thing, then this is your spot.  Be careful of what lurks under the sea, you might be in for a bit of a scare.  This island resort sim is so packed full of details, it's hard to cover them all. Right now, I am going to hop on this hang glider for an aerial view of this fantastic island.  I don’t want to spoil your sim travels, so there are a few more perks left for you to find on your next vacation trip to the must-see sim Surfer’s Bay.  

Monday, June 19, 2017

Life at Tai

Photos courtesy Maxwell Silvansky

 Surfing's always better with your buddies.  Teddy Bear and Bandit trade surfing tips at Tai.

Second Life and Second Life Surfing Association Celebrate!

Reposted group notice by permission of SLSA 

Second Life (SL) is having its 14th birthday and Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) is helping to celebrate by having a display at their event. Everyone is welcome to come out and join us for the fun! Our booth will be open starting June 18th at 12PM SLT and will run through July 2nd.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

SurfWatch Fashion Focus: NEW ERRATIC BIKINI @ UBER

Submitted by Valerie Lavender

There's more to the Second Life (SL) surf scene than the wave.  Beaches are full of dudes and babes checking each other out and checking out the latest in beach fashion.  Stay tuned for Valerie's regular series on SurfWatch Beach Fashion.

Erratic never lets me down with their super cool selection of beach wear and lingerie.  This latest release (at Uber) is called "Kendall" and I am wearing the pink leopard.  Single selection or fatpack available.  Time is running out at the Uber showing because it will close on June 23rd.  The landmark is if you want to get over there to buy this one!

Model:  Valerie
Location:  Bunny Island - Lazy Daze Surf Beach
Hair:  DeLa Kendall (available at Uber) Blondes
Head:  CATWA AnnaGrey
Appliers:  Dee Tale Z Catwa Head Face Gaby Mixed Type
Body:  Maitreya Lara 3.5
Shape:  Custom
Jewelry:  ^^Swallow^^ Lock of Love Necklace and Matching Ring

and.....if  you need it.....the landmark to the Erratic store is:


Reprinted group notice with permission by Mick Lunasea

Wall hangers and pure riders. NEW surfers to expert riders. Copy plus, go off sm, rez another.Full menu with a host of settings, lowest prims and script time. ALL surfboards are one of a kind, originals. BUY any surfboard IM or notecard me for rebate. GO SURFING.

Sale ends when this batch is gone. I need room for new models and shapes.

Thank YOU
Mick Lunasea

The Legends Series: Syx Toshi Interviews Mick Lunasea (Originally Posted 12/23/2009)

Within the pages of SurfWatch is the rich history of Second Life (SL) surfing from the mouths of the surfers that created or developed or promoted or excelled in this virtual sport over the years.  Enjoy these interviews and the perspective from these surf legends as SurfWatch begins "The Legends Series".

submitted by Syx Toshi

Recently I stumbled across Mick Lunasea laying face down on the beach at Pacific Coast Hwy (PCH). I was checking his pocket for loose change and then I realized he was indeed alive. I had to come up with a quick story why I had a hand full of change and his straw hat on. That’s when it came to me! I told him that I really wanted to interview him for my blog (smiles). [editor's note:  click the SS6 icon under sponsor logos on the right to link to Syx' blog]

Mick is the owner and designer of SURFCRAZY and has been a fixture in the Second Life (SL) surfing universe for quite some time; he is involved with just about every surf organization here in SL and also served as an SLSA director.

SS6-Mick, how did you come to be in Second Life, and how long was it until you discovered the surf Scene?
Mick-I recevied an email from a buddy.  The subject line was "Second Life, for those who have NO LIFE",  lmao. After stumbling through orientation, I arrive at a snowy welcome area.  I trudge through snow and immediately observed a vampire fly in and seduce some girl. After a few excursions (winks), I do a search for SURF. I landed at Robin Mapp's "Surf City".

SS6-Since arriving in SL what's been your best experience?
Mick-Definately meeting people from all over the USA and worldwide.

SS6-Mick, what was your motivation in starting Surfcrazy?
Mick-My original intent was to promote my RL surf business, home of "Stanley's World Famous Surfboard Logo Library". I've been involved in the surfboard industry for decades now.

SS6-Like some other surfboard designers, you also have a full line of men’s and women’s surf and beach clothes.  Are you the main designer or do you have help? What is your inspiration for your clothes and accessories?
Mick-I design and create all that I sell in my shops. Being iinvolved in the Real Life (RL) rag business, I wanted to create authentic surf wear fresh off the beaches of southern California.

SS6-Mick, you’ve also done some great design work on your surfboards.  Why did you choose to go with the Action platform over some of the other options out there?
Mick-Action provided the most economical way to feature my artwork. I like the interesting approach to SL surfing the Action surfboards provide, especially the wipe out enabled mode. After creating textures for SSi mod boards, I offer design services for SSi boards, as well. I wish I would have entered the Monkey Cove Surfboard Art contest.  I was drooling at the thought of an SSI line of surfboards. I'd love to do an SSi line being they're the most popular boards in SL.
All my surfboard artwork is created from scratch 0 no googled images. I draw inspiration from RL surfboards. I personally shaped, deorated and glassed around 30 RL surfboards. There are reasons why RL surfboards look a certain way due to the manufacturing techniques involved.

SS6-It seems like everyone has a favorite creator of surfboards which, when you think about it, is natural.  All RL surfers have favorites so why would SL be different?  Do you think that in order for all boards to be acceptable in competitions, there should be a competition specification?
Mick-For an even playing field, comp spec boards are necessary in organizations that stipulate one manufacturer board be ridden. The main invisible prim length should be the exact size of the visible deck size for both short and long boards, in my opinion. Prim weight should be standardized, as well as density
There is room for specialized open surfing events "run what you brung". Judging criteria could be the most critical maneuvers in the most crititical part of the wave.

SS6-Knowing all the players, do you think a competition spec would ever be possible?
Mick-Best way is to issue comp boards to riders via rezzers or other means. This was done in the past - a board was given to each comp rider. Another way would be dealers sell certified comp approved boards where only artwork can be changed like Actions Pro Slammer.

SS6-Recently, you and Revlon Benoir hosted Surf Fest, which was terrific.  Do you see next year being bigger, and do you have any thoughts you might share regarding the next Surf Fest?
Mick-The Surf Festival was a lot of fun.  The next one is in the planning stages. We're considering many options and want to involve more of the surf community.

SS6-What are 3 things that you would like people to know about you or your work here in SL?
Mick-1 Authentic, 2 Surf, 3 Gear. Laughs

SS6-Finally, I’ll ask you what I ask every creator: what’s next in the pipeline for Surfcrazy?
Mick-More cool clothes and products for people to enjoy : )

SS6-Mick, I really appreciate your time and don’t worry, I bought my own hat!

Here’s where you can find SURFCRAZY products:
or contact Mick Lunasea for more locations!

Here’s Mick’s Home Break:

Originally Published:

Saturday, June 17, 2017

East Beach

Submitted by Kanjena Sweetleaf

I came to Second Life (SL) to make movies. I was invited by an artist friend, M4SK22 Melody to come in to Second Life and help him with some Machinima projects he was working on. I arrived at 'Noobland' or whatever it's called and blundered around for a while until I received a message from my friend with a teleport ride to the sim where he was filming. The sim was Chi. This is where I discovered SL surfing. Riding the virtual waves (badly) was literally the third thing I did here, the first was blundering around noobland as mentioned above, and the second was getting dressed as an owl and making an art movie, but that's another story.

A few months ago I was chatting to my friend and we talked about making a new movie.  He had some music which he'd made in his composer/producer alter-ego known as 'The Records We Never Made'  that he thought would be good for a Machinima video, and I suggested that we make a surfing movie as we hadn't ever done that before. 

So we decided how to do it. I would film scenes of myself surfing, and he would film some scenes of me surfing.  Then we'd mix it all together and see what happens. We talked about 'real' surfing, too, and our experiences in the North Coast of Scotland and particularly the amazing swell of East Beach in Thurso, a town on the North Atlantic coast of Scotland, whose name means 'Thor's River' in the ancient Norse language Norn.

We chose Austin Novaland's Playa Perdida as the location for our SL shoot and that footage was mixed with some scenes from North Scotland that my friend had collected. We call this form 'Hybrid Machinima' a cinematic mashup of real world and virtual world.

Here it is, the finished product, as the ghostly North Coast meets the hallucinatory Virtual coast. 


Friday, June 16, 2017

The Legends Series: Syx Toshi Interviews Leogarto Burt (Originally Posted 11/17/2009)

Within the pages of SurfWatch is the rich history of Second Life (SL) surfing from the mouths of the surfers that created or developed or promoted or excelled in this virtual sport over the years.  Enjoy these interviews and the perspective from these surf legends as SurfWatch begins "The Legends Series".

submitted by Syx Toshi

Recently I dropped by HP Surf Point to see how Leogarto Burt was coming along with his new wave, the Teahupoo. Fresh off his lecture at Surf Fest, Leo was eager to talk about his latest creation.  As always, I believe in full disclosure; as many of you may know, I use HP4 products throughout my regions. I’m a big fan of HP4 Board designs and sell them in my shop.

Syx Toshi:  Leo, for all those people out there that really enjoy your waves and surfboards but don’t know much about you the creator, could you tell me how you first came to Second Life and how you became involved in the great surf community?
Leogarto Burt:  I knew of Second Life through an article in a magazine, but my first experience was frustrating because my computer at the time did not meet the requirements. After purchasing other equipment, I could get into SL - this was in mid-2007.  After about two days with a pounding headache, I found search and what was the first word I entered?!? "SURF", of course. I found that I could visit several islands with surf and chose the now defunct Kahuna Beach as my favorite and where I began my activities.

Syx Toshi:  What inspired you to start creating your own waves and boards?
Leogarto Burt:  At this point, I think the main reason is the love of surfing in RL, an activity that I have enjoyed for more than 20 years and reflects my lifestyle, so it was surfing that I brought voluntarily to SL.
With the theme in mind and being endlessly curious, I had the support of my wife (also a surfer), a great patriotism and willingness to innovate. I've always had a keen creative spirit and thus was inspired to just get out there and start creating in SL.

Syx Toshi:  Leo, what was the progression of wave development for you that has ultimately culminated in your latest creation, the Teahupoo Waves?
Leogarto Burt:  The Wave, Teahupoo, is the result of our work where we have joined all the best practices gained in previous models, in which can be highlighted:
- Use of sculpted prims, giving a much more harmonious than the objects made directly in SL;
- Use of megaprims, eliminating the seams and the problems of timing;
- Use of several sculpted prims in sequence, giving a sense of movement never before developed;
- Use of textures, sounds and particles, such as increased quality and reality.

Syx Toshi:  What do you see as the major advancements that your latest wave has over your Jaws Waves?
Leogarto Burt:  The design of Teahupoo brings two important events - the first refers to its shape, where sculpted prims were built to give the impression of a wave breaking over the side and not centralized as Jaws and Sunset. The second is to change the script so that the wave will move to the front, as usual, but also moves to the side indicated by the formation, continuing the wave. Thus, a fast and extensive wave arises providing more than 200 meters of fun!

Syx Toshi:  I have surfed the Teahupoo and it is stunningly beautiful and behaves closer to a real wave than anything I’ve seen in SL to date. How did you achieve this sculpted marvel?
Leogarto Burt:  After watching several videos of surfing at RL Teahupoo, along with the experience from other projects designed in 2D, I created a whole sequence of the wave, which served as template for the 3D rendering. This required much work to create the look which I felt to be extremely critical to the success of this wave.

Syx Toshi:  One thing that I’m very curious about is the technical specifications of the wave. What will the waves dimensions and features that people will have to choose from? Additionally what will the performance requirements be? As you know all waves in SL can be run on HS sims, but waves like your Jaws and SSI EPICS run best on full sims.
Leogarto Burt:  Teahupoo -The Waves is a wave with 100 meters in width and variable height of approximately 10 meters. It has a series of 20 stages and constant speed back and left with a life expectancy of more than 40 seconds. The installation requires a specific area of ocean with the ocean floor terraformed to slope similar to a backslash "\" or the left leg of a letter "V". Then with a rectangle of 220 x 180 meters, one can take alternate corners, one bottom and one above, for sand and buildings.   Due to the complexity of managing all these innovations presented and the need for performance, there is unfortunately no possibility for the owner to change the variables of the script at this time, however this is something that might perhaps be available in the future. However, by buying such a product, all can be assured that it has been rigorously tested and its variables determined to present the best possible performance. Regarding the performance on a HS, I can say that one can halve the time of the script compared to Jaws Waves, which after the last upgrade, already had the same conditions in a HS not overloaded with other scripts as did in a full.

Syx Toshi:  Once you have perfected the wave, what is going to be your pricing strategy? Will you be pricing this for a select few that can afford the best, or going after the mass market?
Leogarto Burt:  Recently, I have significantly reduced the prices of Sunsets and Jaws, to encourage new purchases. Now available with Teahupoo, Jaws should see further price reduction or new upgrade for better functioning. Waves like Jaws and Teahupoo, because of their size, require large areas which prevents the use by the masses and this, together with its benefits should be maintained at a slightly higher price, but always in tune with the market.  Once I have more free time, I will make smaller, more simple waves to supply the market of new residential and commercial property that do not have large areas of ocean. These waves will be priced much more affordably.

Syx Toshi:  Considering the size and dynamic traits of this wave, do you see this as the main competition waves for your organization?
Leogarto Burt:  Surely this wave is my best creation, I myself was surprised with its performance and how close it is to my initial idealization. Now, it is better to let Second Life surfers respond.

Syx Toshi:  Leo, in your opinion where do you see surfing and wave development going in Second Life?
Leogarto Burt:  After all this contact with the SL, its internal resources and external tools, I have the feeling that there is no ceiling where everything is even and no limit to the imagination and creativity. So I can say nothing to what the future promises.

Syx Toshi:  Leo, finally I’ll ask you the same question I asked of Sebastian (Saramago); Now that you are ready to release the new wave, what is next for HP4 in the way of surfboard and wave advancement?
Leogarto Burt:  Bahhh, I see I will have to keep all these promises, lol. Initially HP4 Jaws, had an excellent interaction with Waves Teahupoo, but certainly there are some changes and new developments that should be taken in making better use of the new wave. Perhaps soon we will post the version HP4 Teahupoo, to the public. And in 2010, you can look for version HP5, with more significant changes.

Syx Toshi:  Leogarto, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk about the amazing Teahupoo wave.
Leogarto Burt:  Syx, I am grateful for the opportunity provided by Surf Monkey to present my work, I received the invitation with great honor. Finally, I want to say that the new Teahupoo Waves, can already be purchased directly from me, until the vendor is available in stores HP. The good that can come out of contacting me directly - a discount or premium trading, which I personally enjoy. The more I am able to answer any questions and assist in whatever is needed for optimal functioning of the New Teahupoo, the more all will enjoy as well. A big hug to everyone.

Closing from Syx Toshi:
I will be providing a full review of this wave once it has been released but having surfed this baby, I think the world of SL surfing is on the verge of a major advancement. With the Teahupoo and New EPIC being released shortly, the face of virtual surfing is in for a treat not seen since the first wave rose from the SL oceans!

If you want to see Teahupoo Waves in all its glory, go to:

As always these are my opinions ☺ If you want to contact me put a message in a bottle and send it to

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Country Girls Grand Opening

Submitted by TraceyM0424

Country Girls Club and Live Music Venue & Shops, Isolated Heights (119, 68, 22) - Moderate


Gary Jonstone is considered the premiere male country voice in Second Life. His high energy and   easy, friendly way with people makes him extremely popular. Combine that with the smoothest,         deepest voice you're ever likely to hear on the grid, and you have one of the most uniquely powerful shows anywhere!!





The Surferrazzi Strikes...

The surferazzi are all over the beach these days.  Who knows what unsuspecting photos will show up?  Just who forgot their face???  Be forwarned - the surferazzi can be anywhere!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

SurfWatch Fashion Focus: Jasmina Mesh Bikini by Rebel Hope

Submitted by Valerie Lavender

There's more to the Second Life (SL) surf scene than the wave.  Beaches are full of dudes and babes checking each other out and checking out the latest in beach fashion.  Stay tuned for Valerie's regular series on SurfWatch Beach Fashion.

Available at Fameshed which is open until June 27th, 2017!

Individual colors or fatpack available.

Model:  Valerie
Location:  Valica Coffee House

Get it while it's hot!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Naked Surf Nation

Photo courtesy Opal Rivers

Party, Surf, Dance, Surf, Drink, Surf, LONAO

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Monday, June 12, 2017

The Legends Series: Interview with Analog Jun (Originally Posted 4/15/2009)

Within the pages of SurfWatch is the rich history of Second Life (SL) surfing from the mouths of the surfers that created or developed or promoted or excelled in this virtual sport over the years.  Enjoy these interviews and the perspective from these surf legends as SurfWatch begins "The Legends Series".

SurfWatch recently caught up with Analog Jun, known throughout SL surfing for his high quality boards, to find out how he got involved with SL surfing and what projects he's currently working on.

SurfWatch: Tell us where your shops are located and what kind of boards you currently sell.
Analog Jun: I own a main shop at Eastfield sim and directly manage two other shops at Primworks sim and Cocololo sim. I also run about 80 franchise stores all over SL. All the boards now for sale are equipped with a surf script provided by Heather Goodliffe (HG). Our boards are classified into long and short as shown below:

LE* - Long Epic (normal prims are used)
SC* - Sculpted (long board with the use of sculpted prims)
SSC* - Short Sculpted (short board with the use of sculpted prims)
SSCQ* - Short sculpted with Quad fins (short board with the use of sculpted prims and also with four sculpted fins - quad)

For the new boards scheduled for release soon, a new function called, "Adjust Avatar Position" will be added to the script so that they will bein accordance with SLSA surf competition regulations. With the new models, you can take natural snapshots while riding on the board. Like the newest model boards with 6.4 surfing scripts, all the Fins are constructed from sculpted prims (quad for short models). This achieves a realistic feeling when displayed.

SW: How did you get started with SL surfing? Who taught you?
AJ: I rented land by the sea on Okinawa Island when I started SL and I thought of selling some items related to the sea. Deliberate consideration brought to mind manufacturing surfboards. The first original surfboard I made was of very poor quality with no paddle function and not ridable on the waves. I felt quite uneasy on this board at surfing sims. I was once warned by Seano Osumi, the director of the SLSA at that time, who said to me, "Enjoy yourself somewhere else" (laughing out loud). One day someone kindly gave me a board with a HG script. I can no longer remember who it was, but I can still vividly remember the emotional feeling I felt on that excellent surfboard. I learned the skills of surfing on my own and it was only recently that I learned how to "crouch" (laughing).

SW: Where did you surf when you began and where do you surf now?
AJ: I started surfing at Japanese Sunset Beach (JSB). It moved to Brackish sim later and was renamed the Japan SL Surfing Association (JSSA). Many surfers visited there because the sea had epic waves. Unfortunately, JSSA no longer exists, but I believe there are many Japanese who continue to surf. Currently, I often play at Mori Pwani.

SW: What board and script do you currently ride?
AJ: I often embark on a SC* model with version 6.4 surf script from HG. I am personally fond of the designs of SC* Phoenix series and the next new models: SC* Tribal2 series and SC*Dragon series, etc.

SW: How did you get started designing your own boards?
AJ: The design of the model of my first collaboration with HG was, I must confess, tasteless with an all-white rear surface and poor shading effect. It was such a low quality that I no longer sell this model (laughing). Later, I had an opportunity to get together with Sebastian Saramago at Primworks sim, and he kindly showed me a prototype of a 3-D new type surfboard. Sebastian recommended I apply a texture onto a sculpted board. At that time, however, it appeared very difficult for me to apply a texture to a sculpted board, so I asked him to give me a mod/copy-permitted sculpted board for practice. Soon after, I concentrated on the preparation of textures for application to boards but, as I imagined, textures distorted greatly and it was a hard task to get a good balance. Even now, I have to prepare 20-30 textures before I select one with a good balance to finish designing. After that step in the process, I move on to color variations. All the designs and color variations are discarded even when I feel the slightest sense of discomfort. About 70% of the designs are sold as products.

SW: What other products do you sell?
AJ: In addition to surfboards, I sell wet suits, board shorts and bikinis, surf necklaces, beach chairs, inner tubes, and a variety of signs in my shops. Starting this year, I am planning to develop a new apparel brand (GARCONS TOKYO) and a modern architectural brand (GARCONS Design). As the time I can currently allocate to these creative works is limited, I am not yet certain when I'll be able to develop these GARCONS series projects and it may be postponed until next year.

Just a Man and a Dog...and a SurfBoard

Photo courtesy Maxwell Silvansky

Bodhi Lowtide trying to explain the intricacies of surfing to Bandit

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Enjoying the Surf at Tai

Photos courtesy Maxwell Silvansky

Chilling out at Tai, watching the sun slowly sink into the horizon while everyone tries to catch that last ride of the day...

SurfWatch Fashion Focus: COLLABOR88 - Shop Until July 6th!

Submitted by Valerie Lavender

There's more to the Second Life (SL) surf scene than the wave.  Beaches are full of dudes and babes checking each other out and checking out the latest in beach fashion.  Stay tuned for Valerie's regular series on SurfWatch Beach Fashion.

I found many nice Summer things at Collabor88 this round, including this fun romper.  Single colors or fatpack available by [Cynful]  It's called the Rendezvous Romper.  I also found the cute flip flops by [Atomic] (see photo) - fatpack available.  I also found some really cute kinis which I will feature very soon!  TP on over to Collabor88 and have a look -

If you have any questions just contact me!  
Valerie (Valium) Lavender

Location:  Monkey Cove

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Just a Little Open Mic Gig...

Photos courtesy Maxwell Silvansky

It started as a 3 song open mic, let's just test out the sound kind of deal and turned into one of the funnest gigs I've ever had!  Peeps I hadn't seen in years dropped by, I kept dragging more songs out of the stack that I hadn't played in years, and the more tequila that went around, the better it sounded!

The venue is run by the beautiful Fieryredhead Denimore and she is every bit as fiery as her name! Her club is open every day for people just wanting a place to hang out and sing! Check it out, Gossip Cafe Bar and Garden's, live music and karaoke cafe at Country Meadows (242, 61, 26) - Moderate
Join the Tigerpaw Tour and let's hang out!

It’s all about the Group..tag!

Submitted by Opal Rivers

A group in Second Life (SL) is an organization that must consist of at least two residents.  Groups in SL can serve a wide variety of purposes.  Some people use groups as a way of communicating information to their customers, while other groups are of a social nature.  Groups can allow access to private sims, or they could allow team members a private means of communication.   Groups can allow different roles within the organization and a moderate group chat.  All SL residents can be a member of up to 42 different groups.  For me, a group is all about the tag!  I want to be hypnotic, or fabulous, or a surfer anything!  My favorite tag must be a Surf Watch Reporter. 

With all this information about SL groups, need I mention that there are quite a few surfing groups for one to join.  As I mentioned before, a group can give someone access to a private sim.  This access can be a simple as being allowed to rez surfboards on the sim.  Rez anything else, and you may feel the dismay of those sim owners concerned with prims and the dreaded SL lag.  Sometimes group access allows you full use of the sim.  These groups may require that you pay a designated number of lindens to join.  This is only okay if there is an equal benefit for the lindens spent.  

Other surfer groups can be surfing teams that provide information to individuals interested in increasing their surfing skills and knowledge.  These groups often offer things like pre-competition advice, surfing lessons, and sometimes a home base for the group. 

Most of the sims, I write about have a group with a fun group tag that goes along with it.  If you are a member of Monkey Cove, your group tag is Surf Monkey.  This tag just makes me smile at the thought of a monkey surfing.  The SURFCRAZY Surf Shop allows you to support the group tag of Surfcrazy.  I particularly enjoy this one.  One of the first surfer groups, I ever was invited to join was Vibrations.  There I received the prized tag, Surfer Girl. 

Some groups are just to indicate that people are united by an action they took.  Naked Surf Nation in SL is an older club that is a rite of passage for some dedicated surfers.  The only way to join this club is to complete the task of surfing naked in SL.  This exposing feat can only be verified in a group member surfing event.  This meeting can be impromptu or planned.  However, braving the skin rash from the rough surfboard, the sun exposure, and not to mention the whole-body exposure you will receive during the surfing event, will land you the tag of Surfs Naked.  This is an impressive tag to wear during those club events.  All your friends will want one!  If you are interested in joining the Naked Surf Nation, please contact me or Tauri Tigerpaw for information or to request a naked surfing session.  We are always up for an impromptu session, so if you're already a member, feel free to group chat the Naked Surfing Nation with the time and a limo to the event.