Sunday, December 31, 2017

Year in Review, Year to Come

Thank you for sharing 2017 with SurfWatch!

SurfWatch's first year in 2008, we had 162 posts for the entire year. In our peak year of 2010, we had 660.  We had 0 in 2013 and 2014, 1 post in 2015 and 0 in 2016.  We'll end 2017 with approximately 420, give or take some posts changed after this writing, the most since officially closing SurfWatch in September of 2012 with 338 for that year.

This has been the largest staff ever working on SurfWatch with 11 active members as of this writing.  While we've added and subtracted to the staff over the year and will always do so as contributors' schedules and interests dictate, it has been the largest group ever on staff, all being taken care of by the amazing Kantbe Thursday, and we'll continue to add new people, new ideas and new technologies through 2018.

I look back with such gratitude at 2017 and the SurfWatch staffers and contributors that made it such a special year for us:

We started 2017 with remembrances, replaying videos, honoring the coolest beach kitty we lost too soon, sharing some posts from the past.  We began the year covering Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) champions and current surfing sims, as well as introducing the new surfers to the past SL surfing movers and shakers with "The Legends" series.

We covered current events, fundraisers, activities, updated products, conversations, fashion, interviews with current beach combers, and all those hilarious SL surf moments that can only happen on a virtual beach.  We tossed in a little music and club life, a bit about the struggles of mesh, wrestling, and Rez Days.  People and their beach pets made it onto the pages along with weddings, parties, favorite music videos, breaking news, new surfing innovations in terms of technology and competition formats.  We included a new type of photo journalism coverage and experimented with new media.

SurfWatch added a calendar of events to the sidebar and in the postings to make it easier for beach lovers to see what was happening at all of the surfing sims.  We covered events like Surfin' Safari, Surf Camp, workshops, SLSA elections, and sponsored Haunted Beach and Surfella '17.  We updated the Wave Report to reflect current changes in surfing sims. We've added beach rental information to the sidebar. We even joined Facebook to expand the reach of SL surfing and beaches, making hundreds of new friends and introducing SL surfing to a new audience, many who have come in-world to hang out with us and try surfing.

As the year winds down, we share vintage and current holiday wishes, beach holiday decorations, and are excited to announce SurfWatch 2017 Person of the Year, Editors Pick of someone not on SurfWatch staff who, throughout the year, has selflessly contributed to the continuation of Second Life surfing through their time and efforts.

Join us through 2018 as we look forward to rolling out more ways to bring you the latest in SL beach and surfing news, new outreach efforts, in-depth staff introductions, and whatever it takes to generate new interest in SL surfing, bring back former surfers and integrate new surfers, feature events, fashion, products, sims, technology, businesses, and things of interest to SL surfers to be the link that connects all the various beach lovers and surfing community together!

Thank you for reading the pages of SurfWatch!

Happy Rez Day, Rokolakakus!

Happy Rez Day, Roko!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Exploring the Wave Report - Bliss Surfing Beach

Photos courtesy of Harmony Sandalphon

Sim Name: Isle of Bliss

Sim Owner:
Group owned -.:Bliss Bikers:.
Equinox Pinion

Type of Region:

Wave type:
Maoli Tahiti

Loaner boards?
Rezzers for C-3, LSD, Maoli, NS

Can you rez your own board and if so how (i.e., rez area, requires group membership):
Open Rezzing for Group

Group membership cost, if any:
Free to Join

Friday, December 29, 2017

SW Staff Meeting

Managing editor, Kantbe Thursday, SurfWatch Reporter Dillan Munro, and Editor Tauri Tigerpaw meet at SurfWatch Headquarters to discuss Second Life, surfing, beaches, and do a taste test on the best tequila.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Happy Anniversary Surfers Bay!

Congratulations to 2 years of bringing fun in the sun to the grid, Surfers Bay!  Owner, Duncan Blackburn, says it's thanks to the members that have made Surfers Bay what it is today!  Stop by and congratulate Duncan on 2 years of Surfers Bay in Second Life!

Exploring the Wave Report - Calypso Cove

Photos courtesy Harmony Sandalphon

Sim Name: Calypso Cove

Sim Owner:

Type of Region:

Wave type:
Maoli Tahiti Break

Loaner boards?
C-3 Rezzer

Can you rez your own board and if so how (i.e., rez area, requires group membership):
Requires membership to *CALYPSO COVE* group

Group membership cost, if any:
Free to join

Special comments/instructions:
Board rezzer is at short pier by wind surfer

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Surfers Bay Festive Flickr Contest Winners

Submitted to Surfers Bay Group by Duncan Blackburn

Please join me in congratulating Festive Flickr Contest winners..

First Prize: Lona Lenroy -

Second Prize: Kisses Karu -

Third Prize: Ado Swaggins O'donnell-

Honorable Mention: Dolly Dickson -

Mauna Lani

Submitted by Dillan Munro

Mauna Lani

There is a new place to surf and explore; Mauna Lani is a great sight to behold as it's one of the more scenic sims I've come across. In addition to the requisite beach, there are plenty of little hideaways to go seek out.
The surf waves are varied, with 8 different types to satisfy most everyone's desires. There is a board rezzer near the landing point, and it's a nice paddle out to where the surf begins to build. Wait long enough and there is a great tube to be had.

Once you tire of surfing, make your way across the sand and you'll find a nice pool with plenty of places to sit, with or without someone special. Clothing is optional in the whole sim, so no need to be shy here as most visitors wear very little if anything at all.

A treehouse gives a great view from up high of the whole sim, and provides a bit of seclusion if you are looking for that option. Almost all of the special places are well integrated into the land so they don't appear at all out of place. The owner has done a really good job here !

Take the balloon ride to get a bird's eye view of all this land has to offer. There are several small secluded beaches, plenty of waterfalls, and a nice house up in the mountains (as of this writing, the owner had not decided whether to make it public, but give it a try!).

As mentioned earlier this land is pretty new so there is not a lot of traffic yet. In the few times I visited, I have yet to share a wave with anyone, and only a couple of people were on the beach. Beat the rush and surf it now, as I think once the word gets out this place may be packed !

Editor's Note: Mauna Lani is owned by 'BѧmBѧm' (diegolajolla)

Monday, December 25, 2017

Mele Kalikimaka

Happy Holidays from SurfWatch

Photo courtesy Harmony Sandalphon

Maxwell Silvansky, Harmony Sandalphon, Kantbe Thursday, Tauri Tigerpaw, Kanjena Sweetleaf, Nash Laville, Solsty Kismet, Kris Marley, Persia Bravin 2017  (Not pictured:  Dillan Munro, Vally Dash, Cierra Theriac)

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Holiday Photo Journal: Bundy Reef

Photos by Gia Villano

Editor's Note and Disclaimer: Bundy Reef's Christmas decorations have been done in a large part by Gia Villano, photographer in this Photo Journal series. Her enthusiasm for celebrating the holiday spirit (or any celebration for that matter) inspired this series. Bundy Reef is also the home of the SurfWatch headquarters.
Not all decorations are just for looking

SurfWatch HQ


Submitted by Diamonte Thomas

Come unwind from the hustle bustle wrapping food family fun of the holidays and dance dance dance to the tunes of DJ Cowgrl at a SPECIAL TIME from 2-4 PM SLT.
Let the sounds of the ocean relax you, get a present from the Christmas tree, hang with friends, surf a bit, explore our four sims, and just chill!

Two more days of our Christmas special, rent one week and get one free!  A couple great places up for grabs!!  Come on over and have a vacation!

See you here!   Merry Christmas!  Happy New Year to those we don't see!

Nash's "My Perennial Christmas Song"

A Christmas wish from our friend and fellow SL surfer, Nash Laville:

SurfWatch Staff Holiday Card Photo Shoot Outtakes

Photographer:  Uh, can some of you please stop texting and just look at the camera a minute??? It'll be next Christmas before we get a card done at this rate!

Second Life Surfing Association Hall of Fame Inductees

The Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) inductees Kris Marley and Moira received their official plaques inducting them into the SLSA Hall of Fame for championship surfing in 2017.  The SLSA HoF museum is located at Solace Beach and displays the history of Second Life (SL) surfing along with the champions, the important contributors, the special moments that make SL surfing such a beloved sport in SL.  Check it out at  Grab a wave and see if you have what it takes to become a 2018 champion!

Walking Down Memory Lane: Zenon Parnall and Zelda Zimberman

Sharing a visit with the ghosts of Christmas past:

Ze and Zelda 2014
We'd love to post your holiday pictures!  Send them to us and send a greeting to all your friends via SurfWatch!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Walking down Holiday Memory Lane: Vibrations Surf Alliance

Sharing a visit with the ghosts of Christmas past:
Vibrations Surf Alliance 2009
We'd love to post your holiday pictures!  Send them to us and send a greeting to all your friends via SurfWatch!

Holiday Photo Journal: Hummingbird Point

Photos by Gia Villano

HummingBird Point

Walking Down Memory Lane: Fox Reinsch

Sharing a visit with the ghosts of Christmas past:
Fox Reinsch and IndieSpectrum Radio 2008
We'd love to post your holiday greetings!  Send them to us and send a greeting to all your friends via SurfWatch!

Fashion Focus: FAMESHED

Submitted by Vally Lavendar
I enjoyed some time at FAMESHED today and found several goodies to share with you. FAMESHED ends December 27th so try to get by.

The first thing that grabbed my attention was a Cheeky Pea Christmas Beach grouping which includes a canoe (PG or Adult); a sandman and flamingos. Perfect for a beach setting!

The black dress I am wearing is also from FAMESHED and it is called Miss Chelsea Aina dress in charcoal.
I love the shoes called G&D Demetra in Black.  Landmark to pick up the shoes is at Italian Style

I found the black lingerie to be very nice (from Fameshed) called neve prove bloom.  It comes in some really nice colors.  I included a headshot because I am going to describe my new head and skin etc below.

I will see you next year and I hope you have enjoyed Fashion Focus during 2017. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Vally Lavender

Additional Info about Vally
DeLa Bento Mesh Hair Adelia
LeLutka Bento Head - May
Maitreya Lara Body Bento 4.0
Custom Shape by Nash
GlamAffair May LeLutka Applier-America
ARTE translucent eyes

Friday, December 22, 2017

Merry Christmas 2017

Walking Down Memory Lane: Buffy Munro

Sharing a visit with the ghost of Christmas past:

Buffy Munro 2010
We'd love to post your holiday greetings!  Send them to us and send a greeting to all your friends via SurfWatch!

Holiday Photo Journal: Bluff Cove

Photos by Gia Villano

Bluff Cove

Walking Down Memory Lane: Tauri Tigerpaw

Sharing a visit with the ghosts of Christmas past:

Tauri Tigerpaw 2008
We'd love to post your holiday greetings!  Send them to us and send a greeting to all your friends via SurfWatch!