Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Second Life: Bound to Excite Surf Beach!!

I have just left the most stunning surf SIM, Bound to Excite is new on our horizon but promises to be a destination you will be, visiting frequently. Vapor Paragorn, manager at Bound to Excite tells me the owners Bill Baramm and Aislyn Darcy installed the Sunset 40 by Leogarto Burt and have plans in future to install perhaps other waves too as the interest grows.

When you visit what strikes you first is the ambiance, the landscaping is spectacular with great places to sit and chat, I even saw a romantic dining area.
When new surf SIMS come to life we all must embrace each and every one and help give it life by supporting. This is one little jewel that I know you will love to come hang and catch a few waves.
Thank you very much Vapor for introducing me to Bound to Excite surf beach, I will be by again very soon.


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