Saturday, August 18, 2012

Boho Beachwear Review Series - 4 of 4

submitted by Kantbe Thursday

The last in our SurfWatch series on Boho beachwear is one of the "boho skirt" including the Swanky Crystal Bronze triple bangle designed by Taylor (digitaltaylor) of Swanky and L&N Designs

The natural tones of this dress are featured next to the colorful Tiki on the beaches of the well known Ocean Shores surfing sim.

For those special parties on those hot nights, something a little different with the Swanky Tahiti skirt and white bandeau top might be in order.  Shown here at Chi's Girls on Film dance club.

Swanky Designs is known for wonderfully sexy beachwear for men and women alike.  In addition to their in world store, more can be seen here on their website.

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