Friday, August 3, 2012

Boho Beachwear Review Series - 3 of 4

submitted by Kantbe Thursday

The third in the four part SurfWatch series on Bohemian fashion long dresses brings you an example from Indyra Seigo's Indyra Originals.  Opening in 2006, Indyra Originals has been designing and producing a distinctive collection of women's "vintage nouveau" and contemporary clothing, shoes and accessories.

Featured at the new Monkey Cove surfing sim, this La Isla: Sangria dress and top makes a wonderful dress for those cool nights on the beach under the stars.

More information about Indyra Originals can be found here


Lissa Pinion said...

I love this one! In fact I own it hehe

Kantbe Thursday said...

er, where do you think I got it? VW let me browse through your closet. What's that indian head dress and skimpy Pocahontas outfit for, btw?

Lissa Pinion said...

Those are V's lol I told him to put them in his closet but he never listens.