Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Benoir Clarification to Monkey Cove Update

submitted by Kantbe Thursday

In response to the earlier post, "Monkey Cove Update:  LSD Servers Temporarily Unavailable" (see reprinted below), Revlon Benoir would like to add:

"The Monkey Cove Partnership did not work out as planned and the project has closed.  In deference to a request by the SLSA and Solace Beach, I chose not to bring back the commercial project San Diego Port.  The SIMs Monkey Paw and Monkey Cove have been renamed and restored back to the original private residential estate Enchanted Shores/Enchanted Reef.  Free residential housing and shops are no longer available, however, the Teahupoo Wave, HP5, SSL and Action vendors are still running and open to the public.  The Public Pathfinder Beta SIM Monkey Tail has been abandoned and is not longer available to SIM owners to test their waves in a Pathfinder environment.  I was unaware that the LSD Servers were located at Monkey Paw.  They are welcome at Enchanted Shores indefinitely."

Original Post:
Monkey Cove Update:  LSD Servers Temporarily Unavailable

Plans for the current incarnation of Monkey Cove (Enchanted Reef) will change it into a closed beach only available to group members.  This change, confirmed by Revy ღ (revlon.benoir),  has necessitated Pray 4 Surf and Surf Shop 6 leaving Monkey Cove.

Monkey Cove and San Diego Port

According to Rayzza Rubble, owner of Pray 4 Surf, this will temporarily shut down the Luscious Starship Design (LSD) servers. The servers will be unavailable until further notice.

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