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20 Questions: Surf Perspective - Sally LaSalle

Submitted by Zelda Zimberman

20 Questions: Surf Perspective is part of a continuing series SurfWatch will be running as participants respond to Zelda's questionaire.

1. Name: 
Sally LaSalle

2. Team: 
Tai Chi Zen

3. Surfing Since: 
March 2007

4. Favorite Board and why?: 
It Changes and depends on the wave too. In general I like my SSi Mod board, it's tweakable to suit the wave I'm on. I really grew to love the HP5 board for the recent comp. I also think LSD boards can be fun too if they are configured well. :)

5. Favorite Wave and why?: 
Too many to choose, have a soft spot for fluffies, they really are a challenge and very difficult to surf compared to the big waves. Recently been checking out Maoli waves then Nalu Evolution is pretty damn cool !!

6. How did you come across surfing on SL and what was your first initial reaction to it?: 
Seb and Heather were looking for sims to put their waves on and so I offered Chi. Basically that's how it all got started way back when. :)

7. Are you involved in the SLSA (second life surfing association) in any way? (competitions, events, etc.): 
Involved fairly deeply :), surfing , officiating , training, hosting and making gizmos and gadgets. :)

8. What are your thoughts or opinions on the direction on the SLSA from 2012 and beyond?:
 I think that the SLSA is making an important evolution into new wave and board types. I think this adds to the challenge for surfers, to master different formats, it adds to the fun with new innovations to try out, it brings people in from different backgrounds and communities and hopefully is a strongly unifying step in the right direction.

9. What do/did you find positive and negative about it?: 
I think that it was a great season. I think the move to Solace Dreams and the programs put in place to help self fund was important. We have attracted a lot of new members and comp surfers as a result of that move.  Similarly we had people come over from the ABSSL and compete as a result of the HP5 based comp. I think this was a real positive move to break down barriers and bring more people into the association making it richer with new people with new ideas.

How would you like to see it improve more?: 
I think we need to continue the reach out to the the broader SL community, more people, makes for a richer and funner experience. :)

10. Do you compete in any surfing competitions SLSA or non?: 
I compete in SLSA comps, in the past i have competed in ASA, ABSSL, VSA and PCX comps :)

11. What do/did you find gratifying and dissatisfying about competitions?: 
Have always seen comps as a fun activity, its always fascinating how each competition evolves with a mix of old and new surfers making good and a good mix of luck along with raw skill.

12. How do you feel about the SLSA using non SSI boards for competitions? (ex; HP5, LSD, Action): 
I Think the HP5 comp was fantastic. I think it opened a lot of people up to the idea that there is more than one way of experiencing surfing in SL, it was fun and challenging.  I scheduled an LSD comp for Tai but unfortunately couldn't reach Luscious, but certainly would love to do that.

13. If you are currently inactively involved in competitions (surfing, judging, etc.) what was the reason for leaving? Would you want to come back and participate? Please explain your answer: 
--- I have never left, though I must say I have contemplated it occasionally, when people take things too seriously, when people are pushing their own agendas for personal profit and not to the benefit of the community, when people are putting in their own time and resources for the benefit of others are attacked and made to feel bad,  those things are a turn off... But I have to say those are pretty rare overall and the people involved in surfing today are all people that I call friends. :)

14. What are your thoughts on the team dynamics?: Is there a team you particularly like? Why?: 
I'm not that fussed about teams, provided that rivalry doesn't become negative and damaging they are okay. But even though I run a team, to me it's a way to bring together a disparate group of people with different backgrounds that can each contribute something to the team, and from which they have a base from which to develop as individuals.

15. Is there anyone on here that particularly had an impact when it came to surfing, mentoring, and overall being a role model for you? Who and why? Please explain your answer: 
For me it's Bobbi Laval, an incredibly skilled surfer, having surfed and finished in the top ten in every season. She is an inspiration in the sense of showing what it takes to succeed (lots n lots of practice, a huge dollop of curiosity and a good dash of aptitude), she is also a person that never hesitates to help new surfers regardless of team or background. A real and true sportsperson. I would also have to say that Flynn Sheridan  was a very important person to me, a guy with real surfers soul.

16. What was your favorite moment or memory on surfing here?: 
Too many to choose. :)

17. Is there anyone you know or knew that isn't active as much in surfing and would like to see come back? Who and why?: 
I was glad to see Flynn come to the last comp, would love to see some of the legends like TK, Ritch, Craig, Devi pop back in. :)

18. Many people have strong opinions when it comes to SL surfing and RL surfing. What is your take on the comparison?: 
I recently watched a RL comp, which was really awesome to see how that is evolving and increasing its technical difficulty too. One of the best websites for RL is., where they show what is possible and what is being done today.  RL surfers seem to always be striving to invent the next most radical move and I think if they were in SL, they would be trying to do that here too. 

19. Do you have any advice for new SL surfers on here?:
Get out there and enjoy the experience of catching a wave and riding it.  Start simple and add new things bit by bit. :) Say hi to every surfer you see.  And be yourself.

20. Any other thoughts?: 
Just would like to shout out to all the surf groups everywhere, there are different groups that are emphasizing different things and I say more strength to you all !! :) ... Go Surfing !! :)

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