Friday, August 24, 2012

20 Questions: Surf Perspective - Alvaro Pevensey

Submitted by Zelda Zimberman

20 Questions: Surf Perspective is part of a continuing series SurfWatch will be running as participants respond to Zelda's questionaire.

1. Name: 
Alvaro Pevensey

2. Team:
Tai Chi Zen

3. Surfing Since: 

4. Favorite Board and why?:
HP5, the handling of it is very challenging and realistic.

5. Favorite Wave and why?: 
Shark, I love the way I can interact with it.

6. How did you come across surfing on SL and what was your first initial reaction to it?: 
I searched for it and was surprised at how good the experience was, also the extent of it.

7. Are you involved in the SLSA (second life surfing association) in any way? (competitions, events, etc.): 
Yes I am, recently started competing.

8. What are your thoughts or opinions on the direction on the SLSA from 2012 and beyond?: 
I am not too familiar yet with the policies, but from what I see it's taking a good direction.

9. What do/did you find positive and negative about it?: 
I find the interaction and the democratic policies very positive, the organization as well.

How would you like to see it improve more?: 
Can't say.

10. Do you compete in any surfing competitions SLSA or non?: 
I do both.

11. What do/did you find gratifying and dissatisfying about competitions?: 
I have loved the whole experience.

12. How do you feel about the SLSA using non SSI boards for competitions? (ex; HP5, LSD, Action): 
I like the fact that it's happening, surfing is surfing, no matter the board.

13. If you are currently inactively involved in competitons (surfing, judging, etc.) what was the reason for leaving? Would you want to come back and participate? Please explain your answer: 
I'm not inactive.

14. What are your thoughts on the team dynamics? Is there a team you particularly like? Why?: 
I like the friendship and camaraderie i've seen on it. Tai Chi Zen, I like the people and the philosophy.

15. Is there anyone on here that particularly had an impact when it came to surfing, mentoring, and overall being a role model for you? Who and why? Please explain your answer: 
Zelda Zimberman has helped me get into the competitions and has helped me with the way I surf.

16. What was your favorite moment or memory on surfing here?: 
The competition at Encinitas, I loved the interaction with all surfers of all teams in the training weeks before it.

17. Is there anyone you know or knew that isn't active as much in surfing and would like to see come back? Who and why?: 
No I don't.

18. Many people have strong opinions when it comes to SL surfing and RL surfing. What is your take on the comparison?: 
The spirit is the same, obviously the abilities aren't. But the spirit and why you do it is the same.

19. Do you have any advice for new SL surfers on here?: 
Rip those waves dudes and dudettes!!!! It's worth it!

20. Any other thoughts?: 
Thanks Zelda! You rock!!!!!

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