Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Virtual Highway Opensim Surfing Competition

Submitted by Marianna Monentez

I wanted to point out a few differences in Opensim Surfing
Competitions compared to Second Life (SL) Surfing Competitions.
Lets take it from the top, First we have the venue and a wave, SL
waves are physical bullets that push the boards towards shore.
Kayaker Magic waves send back-channel messages to the boards so that
the boards can figure out where the waves are and react in a physical

Then we have the board.  Turns out the physics is all done in the
script inside the board. The opensim board is different than the SL
board as far as the dynamics of what can be achieved in opensim, yet
the board is still one you can ride and do a few tricks.  When
combined with a little style I feel you have a board you can compete
The competitions in Opensim will be very much like what we have become
familiar with in Second Life.
The rider will have 3 waves.  The judges will judge those three waves
and depending on the scores, the top riders will go into the finals
where you will also be given 3 waves.  If there are no ties, the rider
with the top score of these waves will be the winner of that
Competition is what keeps us striving to become better and better.  It
is healthy and makes not only us but the waves and surfboards too
become better and better.
I think having opensim surfing is the best thing to have happen, to be
able to go to any grid and surf. When most counted our sport as
“dying” or fading, this to me shows it is far from dying in fact, it
has just taken on a whole new life.
Please join us Saturday July 21st, 2012-11 AM PDT- for the first
Opensim Surfing Competition.  It is history being made, we would like
you to be a part of that.


Mick said...

Dying fading? I guess u missed slsa awards Saturday.

Anonymous said...

For those Mick who have rumored this to be so, I am merely pointing out, that could be farther from the truth. With all the surf sim closures, it has left many uncertain. Recently with Monkey Cove back, this too shows surfing will never die in SL and will have some life in Opensim, even if it is small, it is surfing just the same.

Mick said...

I'm a big supporter of virtual and real life surfing. I applaud what your doing but was disturbed by the spread of such "rumors" in surfwatch is all.

SurfWatch/Tauri Tigerpaw said...

Hi Mick! We're so happy you are such a regular reader of SurfWatch! Mari's original post was agreeing with you 100% that virtual surfing is NOT dying but THRIVING AND GROWING even into new grids! SurfWatch isn't spreading any rumors - to the contrary, SurfWatch has always and will always support the virtual world surf and beach communities, as I know you do! Let's all go catch a party wave!!!

Anonymous said...

Wooot!!! I am with YOU T party wave!! Thanks Mick for your support it is appreciated.