Monday, July 2, 2012

A Special Thank You from Mari

Submitted by Mariana Monentez

I want to take a moment to thank a few very special and wonderful
surfers who have been the backbone of the surf community for many
years.  Since beginning V.H.S.A. (Virtual Highway Surf Association),
there have many come and check out what surfing in opensim is like,
those I say thank you for your courage.
There are a few though that I want to publicly thank, first is Tauri
for her undying support for me.  It has been Tauri who
inspires me to do great things, she is the most positive person I have
ever met.   Wil Decuir is a friend who comes by and supports whenever he can, thank you Wil.  Sal LaSalle has embraced V.H.S.A., given
support as a judge in the coming up “Waves of Courage” surf comp
slated for July 21st 2012, thanks so much Sal.  Bobbi Laval too
expressed support and would judge if she is free that day. Bobbi, your help is so appreciated. VW (Sands) and Lis (Pinion Sands) made an appearance and gave it a shot too!!  Kantbe Thursday you too, coming out and taking on the
opensim waves and as usual make it look simple!  Thanks you.  I just
recently met Cierra Theriac and Flynn Sheridan, two of the most
wonderful people you could ever meet.  Cierra has signed up to compete in the “Waves of Courage” comp.  Thank you Cierra for your courage.

These are the people that are the true “backbone” of surfing, what
gives it life and what keeps it living.  There are many more who have
given surfing life to those I will always be indebted.

Mari "The art of surfing gradually becomes a masterpiece"

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Anonymous said...

I need to thank Rick Galli too, he came out and guess what?? He too has signed up to compete Wooooooot!! Cie now has competition :)