Sunday, July 15, 2012

SLSA End of Season Celebration

It was that time of the year where we brush the sand from our feet and dig deep into our inventory for dress-up clothes. Yes, I am talking about the ceremony to celebrate Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) Season One of 2012. Held in the ballroom at the Balboa Hotel, it was fun to see everyone all gussied up.

Many awards were given out and well-deserved. 

The Hall of Fame Awards:
Inductees: Leogarto Burt and Wilfred DeCuir
Season Top Performers: Abel Halderman and Sunrize Mornington

Angel Award: Sally LaSalle
Sportpersonship Award: Sunrize Mornington

Rookie Award: Petra Xaris

Team Awards: 
1st - Montego
2nd - Tsunami
3rd - Reef Riders

Top Ten Finishers:
1st - Abel Halderman
2nd - Sunrize Mornington
3rd - Bobbi Laval
4th - Jordan Mendle Halderman
5th - Zelda Zimberman
6th - Maldrul Morris
7th - Rayzza Rubble
8th - Damiana Babcock
9th - Cierra Theriac and Ashoka Moseley   (tie)

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