Monday, June 4, 2012

Special Wave Report

Great day to hit the beach!

With the upcoming SLSA competition at Encinitas using the HP5 surfboard, SurfWatch thought it might be useful to present a list from its Wave Report of those sims providing an HP5 board rezzer.  The wave types vary from sim to sim, so may not match up with the wave type used in the competition.  However, any of these locations should provide a suitable place to familiarize yourself with the HP5 board.  

Role Call Island (was Kick Back Beach) 

If any of you know of any other locations providing HP5 loaner boards, please post the SURL in the comments.


Xander said...

Asylum has HP5, HP4, SSi, and Action board rezzers.. And is running the Teahupoo wave, the Waimea wave & some fluffies.. :) i might shut down some of the waves for lag tho if it becomes a problem.. just leave the Teahupoo running :D lemme know if anyone has issues and ill make some adjustments.

Kantbe Thursday said...

Thanks, Xan :-)

Mick said...

Tiptoes off to Asylum for tea break :)