Monday, April 2, 2012

Solace Beach Rentals

Lots are 4200L$/week, but discounted to L$4000/week for Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) members - just ask us when you rent to change the tier box.

Surf Waves, Kanaloa Cove (131, 93, 22)

This island is a near-twin of Lenore, with two luxury parcels and a surfing wave for your enjoyment. The same prices and discounts apply.
Surf Island Ocean, Lenore (129, 93, 22)

Lucienne is a beach island with smaller, very affordable lots. It has an awesome Mesh wave in the center that changes shape, for a realistic surfing experience. We will discount tiers on this sim to 1.7L$/prim/week for SLSA members - contact us when you rent.
Surfing Sim - Beach Land for Sale, Lucienne (161, 94, 21) -

Community and Amenities
When you rent from Solace Beach Estates, you are supporting the surfing community. We rent the SLSA sim at cost, and provide our adjacent sim for events free of charge. We also offer great community events such as live music. We are not the cheapest land company in SL, we are a small company that prides ourselves on great customer support and community building. We hope you'll consider us for your home!
Solace Beach Rentals Rent Buy La, Solace Beach (174, 22, 21)

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