Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kantbe Serious: All Coyotes Aren't Ugly

submitted by Kantbe Thursday

Is there a Coyote Ugly® Saloon in Second Life®?  Maybe, maybe not, but some of your surfer friends were caught in the moment at Tanya Palianta's Girls on Film dance club on Chi.

I'm sure these dancers were ID'd before being let close to the bar, although two look suspiciously young.  Surely an ID on a club napkin written in Crayon is legit.  Let's see if you can ID who they are.

(Editor's note:  Be the first to correctly ID the dancers in the comment section of this post and win L500 in-world!)


melissa said...

Taking a wild guess here...

1. Lissa (long red hair, skirt)

2. Kantbe (short hair, flower)

3. Petra (long blonde hair)

4. Revy (short blonde hair)

Jen said...

lol, Fonda wearing trousers :)
my bestie Trista with bro Xan... looking good :)

SurfWatch/Tauri Tigerpaw said...

Good guesses! But Jen hit this one - congrats Jen! Contact me in-world and let me know where to send your L500!!! Thanks for playing, you guys - WOOOOOOT!

Kantbe Thursday said...

and I'm the one in the blue dress. Thank goodness Xan was wearing suspenders on his briefs. He has some pretty wild moves!!!

Xander said...

:P lol that was a blast.. I bet my mamas proud! "SEE MOM? I WEAR SHOES SOMETIMES!!" <3

Trista Potez said...

Hahahaha Lots of fun!!! Mom is totally proud Xan!! :P Hai Mom!! *waves*