Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Surf Champion Wilfrid Decuir - Here and Now

SurfWatch recently caught up with Second Life (SL) championship surfer, Wilfrid Decuir, at his beautiful home at Ocean Shores to find out what he's been up to in recent months.  Wil has been involved in SL surfing early on, becoming 2008 Season 2 champ; 2009 Season 1 runner up; as well as 2011 Season 2 champ.  He was 2009 Season 2 team TaiChi Captain with the team placing 2nd; 2010 Season 1 team TaiChi Captain with the team taking 1st place; 2011 Season 2 team Tsunami Captain with the team taking 1st., and is recognized in in the SL surfing Hall of Fame (HoF).

SurfWatch (SW): Are you still surfing in SL?
Wilfrid Decuir (WD): I am still surfing in SL, most of the time that I come in world, it’s to surf.

SW: Do you still have a surfing sim? Is it open to the public? If so, what kinds of waves and other stuff do you have there?
WD: I still have Ocean Shores and it’s always open to the public. Currently have a sweet 4 panel Old School EPIC running. It reminds me of the fun I had when I was a new surfer at Majini from many years ago. Other waves you may find here are Joaquina, Teahupoo, Sunset, original and new pipes, Fluffies and a variety of LSD such as the Wilf Waimea and Malibu to name a few. There are temp board rezzers for SSi, HP5 and LSD. The beach also has a party deck with loaded couple’s intan and solo dances. Lots of places to chillax and recently added a “Wilfrid HOF hut” lol.

SW: What are some of your fave surf spots these days?
WD: I really like what the SLSA did with their new sim at Solace Dreams and you may find me there once in a while. I also enjoy the various beaches at Monkey. However, everyone will very easily find me surfing at home these days.

SW: What board are you riding these days and why?
WD: I’m currently surfing on a hybrid SSi, it’s an old school short long board. I really enjoy the feel of the epic old school boards. I also enjoy surfing on HP5, love the realism it provides to RL (real life). You may also find me on an LSD board once in a while when I really want to get my freak on when it comes to tricks.

SW: Do you still compete in SL surfing comps? What do you think about your SL surfing competition experience?
WD: Well as most of you know, I won the last season, participating in 4 of the 5 comps of 2011 Season 2. This was a goal I had set for myself as a sign that I was back to my old self because of various personal issues I had to deal with. (God I hate drama and users... chuckle.) I’m currently taking a bit of a sabbatical with comps and SL focusing more on RL, but always enjoy coming in for a good surf.

SW: Any thoughts on the evolution of virtual world surfing?
WD: Once Mesh takes off more, I’m hoping to see more waves and boards made with Mesh, just like what happened when sculpties were introduced.

SW: What else are you doing for fun in SL?
WD: I did a bit of RP’ing as a Na’vi, (the creatures from the movie Avatar) and really enjoyed that. I’m ranked as Ikran Makto hunter/warrior. I also enjoy riding my motorcycle, following the various roads on the mainland, and I also have a private riding area way way way up in the sky at home. Once in a while I enjoy catching a live show, blues, rock, and you of course Tauri!!! (smiles)

SW: Anything else you'd like peeps to know about you and what you're up to these days?
WD: For those that don’t know me, I’m a drama free no worries kind of guy. Always willing to help out with new surfers and comps. Aside from my focus on RL, I still come on for a good surf and always willing to have party waves. My advice to everyone, surf for fun even in comps, don't take SL too seriously, and to quote Flynn (Flynn Sheridan), my mentor, "feel the wave, ride it, don't drive it".

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