Monday, March 12, 2012

SLSA on Facebook

submitted by Kantbe Thursday @kantbethursday

As part of the Second Life™ Surfing Association's efforts to get the word out about surfing in SL™ and to help keep us informed about activities, the SLSA's Board of Directors have created an SLSA presence on Facebook .  

This was actually proposed by Mick Lunasea when he was on the SLSA Board of Directors in 2009.  There wasn't a consensus among the board members at the time (including from this writer) and the idea was dropped.  However, after subsequent work over the course of several months with the leaders of Linden Labs community development effort, a few things not already in place were implemented.  A Facebook presence and adding surfing videos to the SLSA's web site were two of those additions.

Facebook won't replace what takes place on the SLSA Forum, but will supplement it and the SLSA website for announcements, important notices, and general information.

The SLSA is also now using Twitter.  If you'd like to watch for SLSA related tweets, you can follow Salsa Waverider @SalsaWaverider and the SLSA SpokesDog Surf Rang @SurfRang.

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melissa said...

Thank you for also going on Twitter. There are still those of us who, for various reasons, are not on Facebook, nor wish to be.