Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Giant Manta Rays!

Submitted by Marianna Monentes

We have Giant Mantas at the point now!!!

Kayaker Magic just IM and said he finished his amazing Giant Manta Rays!! They are here at Breakers Point for you to come and take a ride! This manta will swim in the water on your property, but never repeat the same path! A chaotic algorithm makes it behave in complex ways without being random. It is a physical object and moves very smoothly. It will briefly jump out of the water, but it will not swim into the ground or outside of the sim boundaries. It will stay inside the water of your parcel, or nearby water if enabled. You can ride the manta and direct it where to go with the motion controls. However, the manta has a mind of its own and will not violate the boundaries it has been set to stay in. By default only the owner can change the options, but it has an unlock mode that allows your friends to control it using the dialog menu. Anyone is always allowed to ride the manta!!

(Editors note:  Breakers Point is the newest beach to hit Virtual Highway.  To log on, go to and click the icon at the bottom of the page.)

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