Friday, August 12, 2011

Ashleigh's Advice #6: Get to know YOUR

Some of you may have noticed the new social aspect of Second Life’s profiles. Some may have just heard how SL is doing this thing like Facebook and twitter for it’s residents. You may think “Eh, that doesn’t apply to me, I didn’t sign up for it and I already have a Facebook.” Wro-ong!

For starters, if you still have a Facebook with your SL identity, kudos! I do, but many people got booted in the great avatar purge of 2011. (They then went to Google+ only to have the same issues. Once again, I’m on Google+ and somehow lucky enough to not have had my account suspended.) So basically, what I’m trying to say here is, you may have a Facebook, but many people in SL no longer do. Also, you may not for long. Ditto Google+.

However, everyone with an account has this new SL social profile automatically. Yes, even you! You can find it at Go ahead, log in and check it out, I’ll wait...

See? Told you! So. My advice is to make friends with your new Second Life social profile. Play with it, poke it, talk to friends. See how cool it is you can be all “I’m at this cool ass surf competition.” and attach the location and voila. You’re all set. There’s rumored to be some cross-pollination (aka. cross-posting) to Facebook and Twitter coming up, but right now only the Facebook one is implemented.

What do I like about My.SecondLife?
  • It’s welcoming to us!
  • It has all my friends already.
  • I can share info with lots of people at once. ie. Store sales, etc.
  • I can over-share info with lots of people at once. (Hey did you know I’m having pizza and wings tonight? Yeah it’ll rock. Also I just had banana bread, it was so moist it fell apart.)
What do I want to see come to My.SecondLife
  • An easier way to find my friends list.
  • A mobile app. There’s already a iPhone one in the works, but I want one for Blackberry. or at least...
  • A good mobile page.
  • An easy way to post from within SL (maybe a hud?) Granted, this could already be there in the latest official viewers, but I use a third party viewer.
  • Cross-pollination with Plurk.
  • Friends sorting (like Google+’s circles.)
  • Be able to set who can read your profile (feed) and who can write on it separately.
  • Be able to add friends on My.SecondLife without adding in-world.
  • Recommendations used for more than just recommending other users.
  • Integration of a calendar system to keep track of personal events and send invites.
Overall, My.SecondLife is new and still very young and basic. But it can only grow! So check it out and tell me what additions or changes you’d like to see.


Kantbe Thursday said...

Dang! Sure glad I didn't put that nude shot on my Profile Pic!!!

Hey, Ash... ever wonder why Plurk sounds so much like Smirk? Naw, me neither.

Kantbe Thursday said...

Maybe I've just not seen it yet, but it'd sure be handy to be able to get to my SL dashboard without having to log in again.