Monday, May 2, 2011

Director Spotlight - Communications Officer

The June SLSA Board of Directors election is coming up and there are always a lot of questions about just what each Director does so here at SurfWatch, we are spotlighting each position. Each week in May you will find a new spotlight on each position held.

Name: Kantbe Thursday

Role/Responsibilty: Communications Officer

SW: What do you enjoy about this position?

Kantbe: When things are working well, I really enjoy the collaboration and sense of accomplishing things as a team. It's also a position that exposes you to more people and their opinions about things. It's been great to see how SL surfers in general enjoy themselves and the mostly positive feedback I've received for how things go. Not everyone is happy about every little thing, but from a bigger picture view, things look pretty good.

SW: What do you find the most challenging about this position?

Kantbe: It takes a lot of time and details to pull off each SLSA competition. All of the Directors have a role to play as do members who can and are willing to work in competition staff positions. The actual time for working an entire event is a big commitment and it's becoming more and more difficult to find people who have this kind of time, especially for judging.

Also, the number of things that need attention that go beyond our competitions and the hours they take can be a little overwhelming at times. In my case, because I generally can't help staff the surfing competitions, I tend to work on other things. I usually spend a couple of hours a day working on SLSA related activities, sometimes as many as 5. That makes it a bit of a challenge on having a personal life in SL sometimes. :-)

I'm still concerned about the life of surfing sims capable of supporting an SLSA competition in it's current form. While public surfing sims continue to pop up as others close, a single standing sim isn't sufficient for hosting a competition. The SLSA's home sim, Archipelago, combined with its neighbor James Isle, is available as a backup for us, but even Archi can be a challenge to maintain from a funding perspective. The existence of Archi depends totally upon constant and continuing member contributions and fund raising activities.

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