Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mari's Mailbag: I Do?

Have to tell you learning my friend is actually her husband and herself has left me shocked to say the least. For 3 years I listened to "thier" problems and helped the best I could. Little did I know the problems existed in one person, a rather troubled woman who decided to create an alt to marry. Only in Second Life (SL) can we do that.

I still wonder what thier conversations must be like...if any..lmao. Sure the pros we all know what they are...but can you imagine how utterly lonely this person must be? Still it totally freaked me out to find this out.

It has left me reflecting back over the last few years and conversations she and I had. I can now plainly see a pattern here one that was masked before with flattery. Just what exactly is flattery? This is from Websters Online Dictionary : Flattery or adulation is the act of giving excessive compliments, generally for the purpose of ingratiating oneself with the subject. Flattery often, but not always, connotes insincerity.

Historically, flattery has been used as a standard form of discourse when addressing a king or queen. In the Renaissance, it was a common practice among writers to flatter the reigning monarch, as Edmund Spenser flattered Queen Elizabeth I in The Faerie Queene and William Shakespeare flattered King James I in Macbeth.

Flattery is also used in pick-up lines used to attempt to initiate romantic courtship.

Most associations with flattery, however, are negative. Flatterers are sometimes described by pejorative phrases, such as "suck-up", "ass-kisser", or "brown-noser". Negative descriptions of flattery range at least as far back in history as The Bible.

An insincere flatterer is a stock character in many literary works. Examples include Wormtongue from J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, Goneril and Regan from King Lear, and Iago from Othello.

oooohhh okay ...ass kisser ...now I get it. Next time it happens I will keep that in mind that they are just kissing up for their own purposes.

I still hope the best for this person as I feel they really need some help here. Has left me feeling quite sad for her.

What does any of this have to do with surfing you might be asking?? Plenty!! Had she been surfing she would have had less time to imagine a husband. Second Life (SL) is what we make it...can either be positive and an excellent learning environment, or, it can be used for deceit. Lets make good choices people...or I will have my people call your people.

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Ashleigh Dickins said...

Wow. Okay, so I know some people who've made alts, and even partnered them, for logistical reasons. But this is a new one, judging from your saying she told you about fights? Wow. I'm officially shocked. It's been a while.