Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tsunami PCX Tandem Comp results are in!

Pictures courtesy of Colleen Brennan, Abel Halderman, and Lissa Pinion
Scores courtesy of Abel Halderman

Sunrize Mornington & Maldrul Morris 16.50
oldsurferdude Danitz & Desne Aabye 12.33
Semi Finals:
FrankiePalmero Actor & Jac
Mornington 11.83
Crusader Arado & followingwaves Sirbu 10.67

FrankiePalmero Actor & Jac Mornington 11.67
Cardona Ghostraven & Buck Ghostraven 10.17
Dmilso Olivieri & Figger Arun 10.17
Crusader Arado & followingwaves Sirbu 11.33

Nara Rugani & Lourinho Nizna 7.67
Sunrize Mornington & Maldrul Morris 14.33
CoolKat Delicioso & QUENCH Spotter 13.33
oldsurferdude Danitz & Desne Aabye 14

Tsunami PCX Tandem Challenge Heat Draw for Saturday, July 31, 2010

When: July 31, 2010, 12 noon SLT

Where: Tsunami Beach
Spectator Stands: Freeport
Waves: pipeline
Boards: one surfer surfs a longboard, the other a shortboard. Boards used in the competition have been rezzed on the beach. They will be the only boards allowed in the competition – same boards for all shortboarders, and same boards for all longboarders.
Prizes: 10000 L / surfer for 1st place, 5000 L / surfer for 2nd place, 2500 L / surfer for 3rd place, plus the trophies!

The Tandem competitions are about two surfers simultaneously entering a wave from opposite ends. They surf as a team – they are expected to show some team work on the wave. Each rider is scored for their individual performance by their own judge, and the team is scored for a team performence by another judge or judges, too.
Each team gets 3 waves in a heat.


FrankiePalmero Actor & followingwaves Sirbu (RED)
Cardona Ghostraven & Buck Ghostraven (BLUE)


Dmilso Olivieri & Figger Arun (RED)
Crusader Arado & Colleen Brennan (BLUE)


Nara Rugani & Lourinho Nizna (RED)
Sunrize Mornington & Maldrul Morris (BLUE)


CoolKat Delicioso & QUENCH Spotter (RED)
oldsurferdude Danitz & Desne Aabye (BLUE)

Mari's Mailbag: New Season

submitted by Marianna Monentes

New Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) surf season is fast approaching and it's a good time to take any training presented to help SLSA out. There are many positions needing to be filled. Judges and marshals is a great way to start. They will announce when training for these positions will open and take it from it. Being judge was very rewarding to me in many ways. Being responsible for giving the very fairest score you can give. Watching the surfer excel and fail. Seeing the sheer determination to conquer the ride all the way to the beach. Fighting the ever present lag that accompanies most competitions. It's incredible to score fair and see them at the podium.

With schedules, it is always a challenge for SLSA to keep these positions filled, so many are needed and don't ever think its something you cannot do. You can and trust me, it's a great time. One word of advice is to have a frig stocked for your quick trips getting snacks during the day. Lissa Pinion always managed to feed everyone but it's nice to offer to her, too.

Next time you see an announcement needing help, try it.  You really have nothing to lose and so much to gain. The knowledge helps you perfect your ride. You learn what the judges look for. I never marshaled but saw them in action. They keep things running smooth and usually keep everyone laughing. So do us all a favor and just try it, you may be the next Head Judge one day and training others to one day fill your shoes.

Friday, July 30, 2010

SurfWatch's Second Life Tour of Homes

SurfWatch is proud to present this list of some of Second Life's (SL) finest homes! Take these landmarks (LM) and browse the homes, the designs, and the creativity found in SL.  The tour runs Saturday, July 31, 10:AM SLT, to Sunday, August 1, 6:PM SLT.

Home #1 Thalia and Sebastian Saramago

LM: Our Home, Splendid Land (91, 167, 21)
The Saramago home is nestled in rolling  green hills.  There is a beach to the front of the home and a spanning ocean view from the back deck.  "The Saramago Home" was designed and built by Sebastian and Thalia Saramago and is still a work in progress, with design and creation on-going.  Most of the interior items were designed by Dolphin Designs, Pumpkin Tripsa and Sebastian Saramago.  A special feature of the home that the Saramago's love is the roof entry from the master bedroom and upper deck.  Sebastian and Thalia used some prefab sculpted building parts and custom sculpted features in their design of the home.  Enjoy this sparkling jewel of a home!

Home #2 Emma Portilo and Maxwell Silvansky

LM:  Home of Max and Emma, Isoropia (95, 59, 27)
Set on Isoropia, the Greek word for balance, this home is surrounded by tropical beach island.  The house is named Hookipa Pool House and is by Tiki Tattoo.  The designer is Hatzfeld Runo.  Emma and Maxwell modified the bar area to hold a fish tank instead of a bar.  The bed in their favorite interior room is TnT Irresistible Sex Bed V2.0 by Torix jameson.  Much of the interior pieces are designed either by Tiki Tattoo, Hatzfeld Runo, or JJ Lanes.  The acquarium in the bar area was created by Maxwell Silvansky and is one of their favorite pieces and areas to hang out, and a special feature of their home.  The view out of the back of the house, where the pool sits, shows a waterfall down rocks and the view of the ocean is also a calming, soothing area.  The interior room with the hot tub that opens to the outside is fabulous. Another favorite feature is the outdoor shower located just outside the main bedroom that they recently installed.  There is a loft immediately above the entry area that is comfy with some wonderful pillows for relaxing.  There is also an outdoor seating area right off the pool area that allows for extra seating when guests visit.  It's a wonderful way to open their home even more to the outdoors.  In addition to the main house area, they have an area for their bunnies (Coco and Chanel), a dock with seating area, a floating raft with seating, a pond area with swans, another pond area with a falling waterfall and ducks, and some pirates hanging out in a secret place.  In addition, they have a great dance floor where Bandit (their dog) keeps patrol and Karma (the dolphin), enjoy the water nearby. The dance floor offers a beautiful view of both the sunrise and sunset as well as fireworks that can be triggered at any time.  Stop by and explore all this home has to offer!

Home #3  Marianna Monentes

LM:  Boracay Islands (77, 183, 3500)
Located at the beautiful Boracay Islands, Mari's home is an AtmoSphere created by Marian Lean.
Mari owns three AtmoSpheres:  a pavillion, a beach, and a mountain cabin.  All furnishings come included and are also created by Marian Lean.  Mari says every room is her favorite as they are so unique, and all spheres are done exceptinoally well.  A magic couch rezzes each sphere.  You set height and select a sphere, and the magic couch goes to the height indicated and rezzes the sphere of your choice!  Stop in the tropical sphere - you'll feel like you are in a world of your own!

Home #4 Lissa Pinion and VW Sands

LM: V & Lissa - Out little slice of, Tuli Bahari (55, 192, 23)
Strategically placed so VW Sands can sit at his desk by 2Xtreme and get up to the minute surf reports on both Mori Pwani and Tuli Bahari while Lissa Pinion sits nearby chatting with friends or baking, it is nestled on the cliffs overlooking Destiny Bay. The house is an Ace's Alta 4 home with some modifications made by VW himself to open the house house up. A combination of modern and comfort are found in each room as well as surfboards, pictures taken by VW and friends (a few pieces also from the galleries of Bobbi Laval), and plants.   Furnishings are by 2Xtreme, Bella, Instinct, and Tiki Tattoo among others. In Lissa's favorite room is a bed by Instinct but what she really loves is the suggestive "Get your woody serviced here" picture hanging above their bed.  Outside below the deck is a lovely waterfall and pool that VW put in for Lissa this past Spring. The waterfall and pool area is created by Hatzfeld Runo of Tiki Tattoo. One of VW's favorite spots is the Bathhouse located behind the house. Furnished with only a hot tub, many relaxing hours are spent here.  Come by and enjoy the relaxed vibe in this beautiful home!

Home #5 The Karillion Bonham's

LM:  Southern Comfort, dooobie (145, 177, 18)
This converted boat house is nestled in between the palms and falls of Southern Comfort on Dooobie.  Within walking distance of sailing, parachuting, and a seven panel epic wave, this house has provided the perfect romantic getaway.  The house is by Designer Prims, Elle Crescendo.  The owners did some modifications to the original design.  The second set of wooden doors were replaced with a bay window to enhance the view of the stunning falls across the bay.  The deck on the front of the house was enlarged to extend over the water and the color of the house was changed from blue to brown.  Nearly all pieces in the home were designed and created by Karbon, Designer Prims and Urbanized. The oversized dock that extends over the bay provides a wonderful area for entertaining and relaxing and exhibits a stunning view of waterfalls and winding waterways that travel through four sims.  Feel the love as you tour this lovely home!

SurfWatch would like to extend a huge thank you to the hosts for sharing their homes and styles, to the lookieloos (like me!) that love to see the beauty and creativity of these homes, and to Lissa Pinion for coming up with this great idea!

SurfWatch hopes to present a Tour of Homes on a regular basis. If you have a home you would like to include, please contact us at SurfWatch and we'll look forward to touring your home next time!

Bandit "Monkeys Around" at Monkey Cove

Thought it was time I took a trip over to Monkey Cove,
and do a little monkeying around of my own.

Surf Shop 6 is one of my all time favorite stores.

There's lots of cool boards to see from some very talented designers

Look, I'm teaching this Silver Surfer Dude how to surf!

Hey, it's my friend Sassy1 Fizzle.
I taught her how to surf too!

All great surf shops have a cozy rug and a warm fire.

You can't help but get inspired by all the great surfboard designs on display.

There's even a workshop to bring your creations to life.
"Surf Bandit" surfboards??? maybe someday….

Making surfboards is hard work,
time to relax in the hot tub at Syx's new house.

Syx was away on vacation, and left his beer cooler unattended.

WOW! Syx's multiposition sex bed that’s never been used!
I'm sure he won't mind if I grab a nice long nap here.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ashleigh's Advice #1

submitted by Ashleigh Dickins

A while back I tried to do a sort of ‘Follow Friday’ type of thing here on SurfWatch. But just about anyone who really knows me could tell you I am horrible at keeping up with a rigid schedule. I’ve just got too dang much going on, and sadly my memory isn’t what it used to be. Now instead of photographic it tends to be photoshopped. But I still want to share with you all, great things, great finds, great tips. So I came up with Ashleigh’s Advice.

No set day, no set date, just me popping up at random. ‘Hey! I’ve got a secret! Let me tell you.’ But only the best kinds of secrets, the good, fun and helpful kind. There’s a song I know, with a very appropriate lyric for this.

‘I believe in sharing when you find a good thing. It’s only common sense. Nobody likes to do it alone.’

So that’s what I’m doing, sharing the good things. If you have a good thing you want to share send me a message, we can share with the class. If you need help, advice, tips or tricks, let me know that too. I’ll do whatever I can to help, hunt down things across the grid, dish out helpful advice, and if there’s something I don’t know I will find out. We can do this together all of us. Helping, sharing, advising to make our Second Life a better life.

So, for this first column, that’s my advice. Share with me. Anything you want to share, good stuff, problems you need help with, you’re not alone. Don’t be afraid to reach out. I promise I won’t bite... hard.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

SL Tour of Homes

SurfWatch is so excited to bring you SurfWatch's first Second Life (SL) Tour of Homes!  Stay tuned for our posting of LMs, home details and hours that you can start LM hopping and tour the finest of SL's homes!  For more information, contact Lissa Pinion or Tauri Tigerpaw, and stay tuned for SW's SL Tour of Homes!


The Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) has announced the results of the by-election.  Syx Toshi has been elected as a new director to complete Kimmy Jigsaw's term.  Congratulations to Syx and also to Arjuna Bombastic for stepping up to support the SLSA.  The next regularly scheduled election is set for September 1, 2010, to fill the seats currently held by Bobbi Laval and Colleen Brennan.

Fashion Feature: Analog Surf Bikini

You'll be a stand-out no matter where you go in Analog's shine gold surf bikini!

Hair:                      ETD Resilient yes
Shape:                   Alady Celest C cup shape
Skin:                      Belleza - Alyson Deep Tan 6 HB
Eyes:                     HOE Realistic EyeZ Ocean
Outfit:                    Analog Surf*Bikini shine Gold
Accessories:         DP D-Platinum-Sig-Round Bamboo Hoop
                              Belly ring teal star
                              Detour Nails French Pink 1
                             Vixen eye lashes
Location:              SurfWatch photostudios, Boracay
Photographer:      Tauri Tigerpaw

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

2010 Surfing Competition and Special Event Calendar

SurfWatch's  Second Life Tour of Homes

Dates:  Saturday, July 31 and Sunday, August 1
Times:  TBD
Contact:  Submit your home for the tour by July 28th to Lissa Pinion and Tauri Tigerpaw and get the list of SL's Tour of Homes after July 28th from and check out the best homes and interior designers in SL!


Tsunami PCX Tandem Challenge

Date:  Saturday July 31, 2010
Time:  12 noon SLT
Venue:  Tsunami Beach
Details:  2 surfers, one wave; 3-4 synchronized SSi pipeline waves (to be rezzed July 22);one longboard, one shortboard, SSi board rezzer at Tsuanmi Beach are the only boards allowed for competition.  Prizes:  10,000L 1st, 5,000L 2nd, 2,500L 3rd and trophies.
Event:  Tsunami PCX Tandem Challenge VII
Contact:  Colleen Brennan or Abel Halderman or register at


Date:  Sunday, August 1, 2010
Venue:  HP Surf Point
Details:  Super Surf 2010!  8,000L Prize! 
Contact:   Leogarto Burt for more information.

Contact Tauri Tigerpaw if you have an event you would like to have added to the schedule.

SLSA Hall of Fame

The Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) Hall of Fame (HoF), "Where the Legends Live."  Walking thru the halls of the structure designed by Syx Toshi, it does have the feel of an honored place dedicated to those in SL surfing that have earned their way in by outsurfing the competition or being nominated by the surf community and voted in by the other HoF members for their contributions to SL surfing. 

The names going back several years now were at one time completely foreign to me.  I had no idea who these people were, what they did, and why they were here - I just knew it was something important and they must have been something special to be honored in this way.  Now, many of these names and pictures on the placques are close friends of mine that I have shared good and bad times with and come thru a better person for having shared those times. 

Not everyone agrees in the concept of an HoF.  Some feel it should be opened to more membership, or no membership.  Some feel it should be abolished. Some feel it should rotate to various beaches and some feel it deserves a permanent home.  If you've never been to the Hall of Fame, stop by, read the placques, check out the faces.  Currently located at Archipelago, the SLSA sim.

Monday, July 26, 2010

SLSA By-Election

The election box is now functioning and voting is open for the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) By-Election!  Voting will run from now until tomorrow, Tuesday, July 27, at 7:AM SLT!  Vote!  Archipelago 200, 108, 21!

SLSA Director By-Election

Although today is the scheduled vote in the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) By-Election to fill a vacated Director seat, as of 6:30 AM SLT, the voting machine was NOT working and has not been working since voting opened at midnight.  It's not clear if the SLSA will extend the voting period at this time.  The SLSA Board is currently working on the problem.  The two candidates are Arjuna Bombastic and Syx Toshi.

Soul Wave - an Aeryn Kidd Production

Soul Wave

A movie about surfing...

When time, space and your full attention is focused on something so beautiful as a perfectly breaking wave, there is a union of body and nature that can only be equal to or explained as a spiritual experience.

It is an absolute feeling of union ... that generates a path and a lifestyle which resonates and blends into the mystical system of our planet and our bodies. We carry these as our hearts pump our life's blood and waves pound on the shores.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Midnight tonight, Sunday, July 25, to midnight Monday, July 26, elections open up to fill the vacated director seat of Kimmy Jigsaw who apparently resigned to the remaining sitting Board. Two candidates have declared their intent to run:  Arjuna Bombastic and Syx Toshi.  The candidate that is elected will fill the remaining term of approximately four months.

SWack - Take a Peek Inside!

The SurfWatch backpack, otherwise known as SWack, is a one-of-a-kind multi purpose item designed for every beach comber. 

Created especially for SurfWatch by Island Sea Dreams owner and Second Life (SL) designer, Countess Decosta, Official SurfWatch Merchandiser, the SWack can be worn as a backpack making it easy to transport your beach essentials. 

But open it up, and you'll find surprises inside!
Each SWack contains:

Vol 1 and 2 of SurfWatch In World Edition
SurfWatch boardies
SurfWatch rashie bikini bottom
SurfWatch rashie jacket for ladies and men
SurfWatch rashie jacket no sleeves
SurfWatch rashie jacket white rim
SurfWatch rashie G bottom

A whole wardrobe of mix and match rashie combinations color coordinated to match the backpack.  The rashie is uniquely designed including detailed lacing on the boardies.

Wear it, use it, open it - the SWack is your one essential for the beach.  Pick up your SWack today at Boracay Island, 500L.