Friday, July 9, 2010

Grab your boards!

Surf for a Cure is here! This is the second year Riders for a Cure has done the Surf for a Cure marathon! Started last year by Socks Clawtooth to raise money for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life event, the event was 12 hrs of pure surf fun riding anything you could get your hands on. We raised $39,844L or $153.23 US funds while in route that day! Absolutely amazing!

Our goal this year is to, of course, beat that! Starting at 9am and going til at least 10pm (all times are sl time), we will be rocking the waves and keeping the RFL torch moving! Below is a list of host sims (A HUGE thank you to each of you!!) and times. Come and go as ya please but please come by and surf and donate. Loaner boards will be available if ya need them too.

We will have an amazing RFL Special Edition surfboard generously donated by SSi for sale and this year they will be copy! This surfboard will be for sale for one week only! Don't be left out and remember all proceeds from the board go to Relay for Life.

If you would like to volunteer or donate, please contact Lissa Pinion or any member of the Riders for a Cure group. And be sure to stop by the Surf community's RFL display the weekend of July 17-18th.

9am -11am Sol Mananero
11am -1pm SLSA sim
1pm - 3pm Tai
3pm-5pm Tsunami
5pm-7pm WOI
7pm-9pm Tuli Bahari
9-10pm Mori Pwani

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mari's Mailbag: Never Stop Trying

submitted by Marianna Monentes

Well here it is ...I saw a guy surfing and thought hey this guy is pretty good. Started talking to him and learned he was new so I asked if he would like to be on our team. Arjuna Bombastic or Bomb whatever you call him, he loves the attention ..smiles. So anyway, the guy asks everyone to show him tips and within no time he is flipping and carving his way to first place. Saturday July 3, 2010, Juna came in first place at the Aussie Tai Competition (Australia Surf Association)!! I didn't make this competition so when he IM'd (instant messaged) he asks...."So did you hear the news?" "I came in first Mrs. Boss!!" To hear the excitement from Juna was the most incredible feeling. I asked him to come show me the trophy and asked if we could put it here at Boracay Islands...he agreed and in no time I was posing with him and his trophy.

I have to share this with you because it's an incredible feeling to see someone who trained so hard bring that trophy home!! For all of you trying to perfect your ride...I am here to tell you, it can be achieved. Never give up..ask everyone you meet for tips. In no time at all, you will be bringing your trophy home. Even if you don't, the experience you gain and the friends you meet, will last you a lifetime. Go for it!! You have nothing to lose.

Mari and Juna "da Bomb"

Advertise with SurfWatch!

Advertise with SurfWatch!

SurfWatch Volume 6 is now in production and seeking advertisers! Get out your message and brand name to a wide group of people. In addition to the SurfWatch blog which averages almost 100 visits daily, the in-world magazine is available through over 13 vendors in over 10 sims, as well as directly distributed to the SurfWatch in-world group containing over 100 people, and the Second Life Associated Press group also receives copies. Additionally, each volume is published on, where they average approximately 390 readers per issue. As you can see, this is a fantastic way to get your information out!*

Affordable and effective, there are several ways to advertise with SurfWatch:

For SurfWatch.blogspot.comBlog Rates:

A member of the staff will do a "front page" write up of your venue, sim, event, service, etc. with an inserted photo with 24 hour "front page" exposure. (Posting may be bumped for breaking news, then reposted as "front page" to complete the 24 hour exposure). - 2,500L

Sidebar Advertisement:

150L per day - minimum of 7 day run required. Includes one 100x100 ad placed on the blog sidebar giving it 24/7 exposure. If booked for 14 days, a discount is issued and total fee is 1,750L

For SurfWatch In-World Edition:These advertisements will be published in the next available in-world publication. If you would like to request a specific quarter please let us know and we can discuss upcoming release dates.

2 pages spread - 3,000L - size: 768x512
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1/2 page wide - 1,200L - size: 384x256
1/2 page tall - 1,000L - size: 192x512
1/3 page column - 500L - size: 128x512
1/8 page blurb - 300L - size: 192x128

All sizes are width x height

Combo Packs:

Epic - 2 page spread, 1 review, and 2 week run in sidebar - 4,500L
Pipes - 1 page spread, 1 review, and 1 week run in sidebar - 3,000L
Fluffy - 1/2 page orientation choice, 1 week run in sidebar - 2,000L
Sea spray - 1/3 page column, 4 day run in sidebar - 900L
Ripples - 1/8 page blurb, 1 announcement or review - 400L

Contact Ashleigh Dickins or Tauri Tigerpaw and get the exposure you are looking for!

*Note: Numbers tallied as of March, 2010

Monday, July 5, 2010

Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

SurfWatch has done what it does best for over two years - sharing Second Life (SL) surfing, the culture, the people, supporting the sims, the retailers, featuring the surfers, the competitions, the festivals, the events, the scores, the heat draws, and the things that are of interest to SL surfers.  We have supported as many SL surfing organizations, venues, businesses and individuals as we could with linden, free publicity, sponsorships, prize money, feature stories, etc.  We have logged in during hectic real life (RL) situations to post a heat draw or a competition result so that information would be available to the community.  SurfWatch has not made a profit off of any sponsorships but has turned any linden back to the surf community to sponsor other organizations, support SL surfing retailers by purchasing merchandise, and keep the linden recycling thru the surf community. 

Our contributors and editors work tirelessly for free.  They research stories; take pictures; edit and post; follow leads; prepare intelligent interviews; attend events; investigate and do all this while trying to do other activities, have relationships and jobs, and they do this because they believe in what SurfWatch has worked hard to achieve.  Our contributors and editors are the surf community - the people you find teaching new surfers, working at competition events, running surf sims, selling surfing merchandise, working on the SLSA Board; supporting other SL surfing organizations in many ways, devoting additional time to other SL surfing projects.

There will be other organizations that try to take SurfWatch's place; other blogs that try to copy us; other magazines that emulate us, other videos that use our ideas.  SurfWatch certainly won't be around forever - 2+ years is a very very long time in SL years already, and those that copy off the original ideas of others are always waiting for an opportunity.  SurfWatch stands unique in what it has tried to achieve and how it has accomplished those goals.  I am proud of the creativity, integrity, and tenacity of the core that has made up this very extraordinary, novel project of SurfWatch.

Tauri Tigerpaw

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day, United States of America!!!

SurfWatch wants to wish all those in the United States a happy and safe 4th of July!!!

"Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave...
O'er the land of the free...and the home of the brave!!!"