Monday, July 19, 2010

Tsunami PCX Challenge VII

Tsunami PCX Tandem Challenge VII

Registration is OPEN at:

Number of spots in the competition is limited, so make sure you register before it’s too late!

When: July 31, 2010, 12 noon SLT

Where: Tsunami Beach

Wave: 3-4 synchronized SSi pipelines (will be rezzed on Wednesday, July 22)

Boards: one surfer surfs a longboard, the other a shortboard. Boards used in the competition ARE rezzed on the beach. They will be the only boards allowed in the competition. Same boards for all shortboarders, and same boards for all longboarders.

Prizes: 10000 L / surfer for 1st place, 5000 L / surfer for 2nd place, 2500 L / surfer for 3rd place, plus the trophies!

The Tandem competitions are about two surfers simultaneously entering a wave from opposite ends. They surf as a team – they are expected to show some team work on the wave. Each rider is scored for their individual performance by their own judge, and the team is scored for a team performence by another judge or judges, too.  Most of the announcements prior to the competition will be sent via the Tsunami Surf group. To join, type secondlife:///app/group/af05d46b-2fa8-6fbb-dc17-feb919b4dc3e/about in inworld chat, hit Enter, then click the highlighted link.

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