Thursday, July 15, 2010

SLSA Home Sim Discussions

The Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) members are currently in discussion on whether the recent acquisition of a home sim, Archipelago, is feasible.  According to the most recent SLSA survey conducted early 2010, membership is generally supportive of a "home" sim as a back up for competitions, permanent home for the Hall of Fame, showcase for new surf products, and base for SLSA fundraisers and other SL surfing activities (editors note:  See, "Do you like the idea of the SLSA having its own sim?"  Respondents overwhelmingly voted "yes").  However, the cost of the sim (25,000L/mth) and whether the association can maintain those fees in addition to other operational costs is in discussion.  Archipelago was recently named as an SL Hot Spot (editors note:  See Surfwatch June 18, 2010 "Breaking news - Archipelago Listed as SL's #1 Showcase Spot!") by Second Life, with a flood of new interest being generated in SL surfing.  How to best utilize the sim and how to cover the costs remain the questions.

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