Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stables for Lease

Where else can you enjoy 36 sims of continuous waterways for boating?  And 36 sims of continuous airways for flying?  And 36 sims of continuous horse trails?
Stables is conveniently located adjacent to Southend currently running the newest HP Joaquina surfing wave, and hosts community parties, events and gatherings.

Stables is running a 2 panel SSi Epic, with one panel running thru the bay and one ending at the duck pond.

Come enjoy the current amenities of leaping dolphin, surfable waves, shark frenzies, duck ponds, tasteful beach shack shaded by palms, peaceful Asian teahouse and Zen gardens, tire swing, cuddle trees, hidden cave, picnic spot and much more.

Or terraform and remodel Stables to your own tastes.  Convenants do apply.  Contact Tauri Tigerpaw to find out more about leasing and living at this desirable location.

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