Friday, June 18, 2010

Paddleboard Contest!

submitted by Revlon Benoir; photos courtesy Mick Lunasea

What Exactly Is a Paddleboard Contest?

We had an older SSI Rental Board Rezzer laying around, being surfers, we decided to see who could paddle one of the boards around the sim the fastest. The concept of SL paddleboard races was created ... and it was good.

Now before you enter you must ask yourself  these questions:
Are you new to SL Surf Competition and just want something so easy a caveman could do it?
Are you like me and spend most of you competition time on your belly?
Are you tired of surfing bald with your favorite huds detached?
Could you use a little extra cash, just for being able to right click a surfboard?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then we have a few simple rules for you:
1.) A race paddling surfboards its a RACE where wearing speedos may help!
2.) You can race in a duck or dolphin avitar just so long as you paddle the surfboard.
3.)A superman avitar or flash gordon may go well too
4.) Innertubes canoes kayaks waders battleships speed and sail boats not allowed.
5.)No rafts either.
6.)GO BELLY! All belly all the time.

For official rule and entry information visit the Surf Festival Office or IM Mick Lunasea or Revlon Benoir


Kekoa Arbizu said...

i said yes to all but no 1, there is never an excuse to wear speedos..never! lol

Mick Lunasea said...