Monday, June 14, 2010

Mari's Mailbag: End of an Error??

submitted by Marianna Monentes

Should I have not typed error? Should I have typed era? I will let you decide that one on your own. To me, its been the end of an error. Certain key players in our community have sold themselves out for various reasons.  One reason I keep seeing repeatedly is monetary gain. So when you deal with the community, know there are players within us and some want to win at all costs. To them, it's nothing more than a game of strategy. A virtual Monopoly. If you think of it, Second Life (SL) is playing on lots of stimuli we have had. Games and dramas on TV, like Dallas (laughs). I think of Second Life as an extension to my first life - a better than first life, things I cannot do in Real Life because of limitations. This is a lifesaver for me. I am actually able to live. There are individuals that are on here merely for sport or whatever.  For us real folks, encountering players can take its toll. We see friendships lost, people leave, people used, and the core of real folks continues to hang on tight. This is the spirit of Second Life - the Core; what makes Second Life real to me.


Abel Halderman said...

Good post, Mari.

Sebastian Saramago said...

I am not sure what the post is about. There is not context. Or is it somthing is assumed everyone knows about already? shrugs

Jimbo said...

I think Mari is trying to point out there is both greed and gratitude within 2L.
Greed: Some people are here for personal gain at all costs.
Gratitude: Some folks are here because Secold Life gives them the chance to do the things they may normally not be able to in their real lives.
Personally, I'd rather share a piece of cake and talk gratitude with a good friend. :)

Colleen Brennan said...

Mmmm cake.... Mari let me express two of the things Jimbo mentions... I have greed for cake and gratitude that SL has people like you and Jimbo.