Monday, June 7, 2010

Kantbe Serious

submitted by Kantbe Thursday

Hey, Ya'll. Kantbe Thursday here. I'm a new staffer for SurfWatch. Some of you have probably heard of Thursday, but maybe not me specifically. I'm best known for the valuable role I've played helping the top ranked surfers in the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) community. Yep, that's me. Those at the high end of the bell curve need surfers like me to prop up that bottom end. It's hard work, but someone has to do it.

I'll mostly be covering the unusual and bizarre around the surf scene. I don't have the skills to give surfing tips and Mari's got the human interest angle covered, so… why not?  Besides, I'm not really a journalist, so if I can't find something on which to report, I'll just make stuff up. A couple of possible future articles might include:

Exclusive interviews with VW Sands and Quench Spotter on the feeling that men are disadvantaged in nude surfing competitions. Join me for the expose', Does Size Really Matter (or Hey, Man! I just do that to keep my AV rendering cost down).

With the recent announcements of a whole new generation of realistic cat and dog animated pets, I may dig into the research relative to the potential impact on our beaches to find out what lies just below the surface in a series, The 6th Scent.

I would like to ask that ya'll help me out. If you hear about something unusual and/or bizarre (or just interesting), drop me an IM or notecard so I can investigate. Then again, I'm not an investigator either, so I might just make something up about that too. Let's just keep it clean and fun, well…. fun at any rate. We've got enough to be serious about in our lives, let's try to lighten things up a bit.

Watch for my erratically occurring column, Kantbe Serious

Take care, Ya'll!!!!!!


Jimbo said...


Have fun with it!
Looking forward to seeing your future posts!
Best wishes!

Jimbo The Cart Boy

Lissa Pinion said...

I wanna know what ya did to that giraffe lol

Anonymous said...

Kantbe Serious is so appropriate for our surf community...we cannot take anything to seriously now can we? Even though you say you are no journalist I tend to disagree. I find your words enlightening and so much fun!!

QUENCH said...

Yeah yeah yeah.. You all are just dieing for the Vw and Quench exclussive interview! I know it! What Kantbe didn't mention is that its going to be a pay-per-view exclusive!

Kekoa Arbizu said...


Kantbe, you're lucky to be alive! that giraffe was on the news before Christmas when some surfers went missing! It was captured on cctv

isla libertad is a dangerous place, you can’t get more bizarre than that or can you? ;) Looking fwd to reading your column…everyone loves fun! yay!!!