Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Search for the Perfect Wave - Style

submitted by Harbor Piers

Beams of sunlight reflect off the calm waters of your home break. The smell of the morning pervades your senses as you walk past the broken wooden fences onto the sand. With your board under your arm, you have a feeling that this morning will be a great. Your feet make imprints in the forgiving sand, as you look out at the break. The birds are looking too, like always, enjoying the sunrise. Zip up your wetsuit; it’s time to paddle out.

As you sit on your board and wonder how you can express yourself on this virtual piece of nature, remember that however you paint that wave is unique. As surfers, we each have our own unique style. I am a firm believer that just like snowflakes, no two surfers are alike (although I don’t believe I’ve seen twin surfers yet!!!) Style isn’t something that needs too much work; it is built in to each one of us. Once in a while, we need to remind ourselves that we each have our own personal relationship with the wave.

Along with each of our unique qualities, there are definitely some things that we can do to aid or push our style through. This can be described as turning white and black into a burst of colors. Try surfing the wave like you would paint a picture. Most of the time, you wouldn’t only paint one side. Just like painting a picture, when you surf, try to get to all of the edges and leave a good feeling of balance. Also, you want your paint strokes to flow, not chop. Let your surfboard be the tool to design the ride that you desire. Like all artists, the picture is never perfect. If you let your own unique style shine through onto the wave, the finished product will be a form of what you imagined. This is enough to get satisfaction out of your ride, as you continue to search for your perfect wave.

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