Friday, May 7, 2010

Follow Friday: Make YOUR Second Life Mechanical

submitted by Ashleigh Dickins

This week's Follow Friday is a great company designed to make your Second Life easier. MechanizedLife was originally created by Alidar Moxie, but was sold in 2009 to CodeBastard Redgrave, affectionately known as Codie. MechanizedLife rounds out Codie's resume of posemaker, fashion designer, photographer and successful real estate guru. Helping out Codie with MechanizedLife are Customer Support representative Paypabak Writer and Business Manager Gabby Panacek. Codie herself focuses on the actual development process, which is much an extension of her real life expertise.

MechanizedLife already has ties with the surf community, having sponsored with the SLSA a few seasons ago, providing them with CalendarCogs and Donation systems in the process. However, MechanizedLife is probably most known for it's extremely popular FilterCam HUD and spin-off MachinimaCam HUD. Used by in-world photographers and videographers, bloggers, even Lindens; the FilterCam HUD makes it easy to take gorgeous photos in Second Life including amazing special effects, without needing to be a photoshop pro.

Two of my favorite presets on the FilterCam HUD: Keyhole and Polaroid

In addition to their in-world store in Rouge ( MechanizedLife products are available on XStreetSL ( and Meta-Life ( MechanizedLife also has a website which not only keeps customers up to date on products but also features press, reviews, and contests. Check it out at:

The MechanizedLife website

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