Thursday, April 1, 2010

Grandma Barnside Surfaces!

Rumors abound as Grandma Barnside, reportedly missing from Second Life (SL) since her fashion splash at the SurfWatch 2 Year Anniversary Celebration Fashion Show in February, is discovered in a little known southern bijou community in Mississippi.

Grandma, well known for her rickety surf moves and suspicious baking, claims she has been smitten by CharlieO Michigan, well known SL singer performing regularly at SurfSide Hideaway, and has temporarily pulled up her roots to follow her heart and become the president of his fan club.

Grandma was located living in a small shack on the banks of a river bijou. Donning a robe as she opened the door, the barefooted and diminutive grandma invited us in for a brief interview.

Grandma plans to continue surfing in the muddy banks of the Mississippi for the time being, learning to play the slide guitar and incorporating such linguistic studies as the appropriate use of traditional southern terms as Ya'll, c'aint, yonder, flat as a flitter, and learning how to prepare such culinary treats as roadkill possum and freshly caught cotton mouth water moccasins to add to her cupcake repetoire. She states surfing the curl in the Mississippi river is, "more fun than a cat in a room full of rocking chairs." 

She also informed us she has been in communication with VW Sands of Mori and will stay in Mississippi until he completes development of the condo complex where she has reserved a room with a "magic fingers" bed.

When asked whether Mr.Michigan had any response to her assuming the presidency of his fan club, we were told he was away with friends at a local bar and unavailable for comment.


Kekoa Arbizu said...

wahahaha! omg i'm going to die of a sugar coma!

Lissa Pinion said...

I wanna know who is gonna be in that magic fingers bed w/ her. *eye balls Abel and VW *

Anonymous said... thats where she went! Well I am so happy for the happy couple. I know that Charlie will fatten up now with Grandma's excellent cupcakes...also know she will be mesmerized by Charlie's gentle crooning. WTG you two xx