Friday, April 2, 2010

Channel Surfing with Jimbo the Cartboy



Who doesn't love SEX WAX?  You can never have too much SEX WAX now, can we?  I'm feeling lucky, I'm definately going to get some SEX WAX tonight!  You know you want some SEX WAX, don't you, baby - "no" means "yes", right?  And why is it that dudes think of SEX WAX every 7 seconds???

SEX WAX is a popular brand of surfboard wax that is rubbed on your stick (surfboard) to help keep your feet from slipping off your board when you're shredding waves.  Home brewed in the early 70s in a rented garage in California, Frederick Charles Herzog, III (AKA Mr. Zog) and chemist buddy, Nate Skinner, developed a popular and controversial brand of surf wax that swept the beaches.  With t-shirts, bumper stickers, and a cult following, SEX WAX has grown to become one of the most recognizable brands of surf wax in the world of surfing today.

Did you know?  SEX WAX has formulas for drum sticks, hockey sticks, skateboards, snowboards, and is even used by some people as decorative candles and also chewing gum!

Okay all you SEXY WAXY surfers out there, let's hear about some of your SEX WAX stories!!!


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Anonymous said...

Here´s one I´ll never forget.......

after a sesh at the 10th st. rocks and a long bike ride home I ditched my boardies in the laundry pile and jumped in the shower.

Couple hours later I hear screams and obscenities coming from the laundry room. Seems my mom found a white, sticky.....blob of goo in the dryer and a wrinkkled SexWax label.

Not sure WHAT she thought it was but it took me awhile to explain it was my Zogs :-)

Oh and for the record:It takes EXACTLY 70 weeks allowance to buy a new dryer. (1976)


Colleen Brennan said...


I bet you are still grounded too. "Mrs. Sands, can VW come out and play?" "Sorry, he is never allowed to see you little perverts again, ... and don't think I wont call your moms and tell them what you have gotten my little angel VW mixed up in!"