Saturday, December 5, 2009

SLSA Montego Pro Final Results of Saturday, December 5, 2009

Results of today's SLSA Montego Pro Final:

Finals SCORES:
1st place:  Rhett McMahn 14.16667
2nd place tie:  Triston Mayo and WickedV Carver 12.66667
Lacy Rossini 11.83333
Desne Aabye 9.500000

Sunshine Zhangsun 8.000000
Triston Mayo 13.66667
Kait Seetan 11.50000
rainTigerfish 0.16667
Sandipanimuni Haiku 13.00000

WickedV Carver 13.66667
Kohana Schimmer 0.000000
Velvetori Twine 12.50000
Rayzza Rubble 8.500000
Angelle Aluveau 9.166667

Desne Aabye 15.16667
Mick Lunasea 0.000000
Bodhi Lowtide 10.33333
LilMario Lavendel 10.50000
Snapple Sneerwell 10.16667

Rhett McMahn 13.33333
Jac Mornington 9.000000
Robbin Ember 12.16667
Jordan Mendle 11.00000
Candywhite Compton 0.000000

Lacy Rossini 13.33333
Cymindra Descha 12.33333
Aurora Jacks 10.50000
luke Fenutzini 10.83333
Koolcat Delicio 7.166667

Friday, December 4, 2009

Heat Draws for Montego Pro Final on Saturday, December 5

The Second Life Surfing Association has just posted the heat draws for tomorrow's Montego Pro Final (as of Friday, Dec 4, 2009, 1:54 PM SLT):

When: December 5 2009, 11.00am SLT
Waves type: Epic Waves
Surfboards type: Longboard

Starting 11:00am sharp - Heat one check in at 10:45 please!!
Each heat will take about 45 minutes. Make sure you are there for your heat .
Each Heat 3 waves each.

All first and second placing riders from the Pro will be automatically qualified to compete in the next competition, the Montego Longboard Epic Invitational, taking place on Saturday, Dec 12

The Top 2 Pro scores that don't automatically qualify to compete will receive wild cards and will also be invited to compete in the Invitational.

Heat 1
Sunshine Zhangsun (RED)
Triston Mayo (BLUE)
Kait Seetan (GREEN)
Sandipanimuni Haiku (PURPLE)
rainTigerfish (ORANGE)

Heat 2
WickedV Carver (RED)
Kohana Schimmer (BLUE)
Velvetori Twine (GREEN)
Angelle Aluveaux (PURPLE)
Rayzza Rubble (ORANGE)

Heat 3
Desne Aabye (RED)
Mick Lunasea (BLUE)
Bodhi Lowtide (GREEN)
Snapple Sneerwell (PURPLE)
LilMario Lavendel (ORANGE)

Heat 4
Rhett McMahn (RED)
Jac Mornington (BLUE)
Robbin Ember (GREEN)
Candywhite Compton (PURPLE)
Jordan Mendle (ORANGE)

Heat 5
Lacy Rossini (RED)
Cymindra Deschanel (BLUE)
Aurora Jacks (GREEN)
Koolcat Delicioso (PURPLE)
luke Fenutzini (ORANGE)

Montego Pro Final

The winners of the preliminary heats battle it out for prizes.

Mari's Mailbag - Second Life Surfing Competitions

If you are a new surfer, attending Second Life surfing competitions is an excellent way to meet fellow surfers and see first hand how competitions are performed. You will absolutely love watching the surfers compete and the party atmosphere in the stands. The SLSurfing Association competitions start 11 AM SLT and usually last to around 3 PM SLT, sometimes later depending on the number of surfers and different variables. The SLSA competition dates can be seen at the SL Surfing Association website ( where you can also sign up to become a member of this exciting organization.  Once signed up and registered, you can then compete at SLSA events on a team or independently. There are other competitions that you can take part in, as well. The Australian Surfing Association was created to be a sister group to SLSA and Desne Aabye is the currrent director for that organization.  There's also Vibrations Surf Alliance (VSA) run by VW Sands and the Brazilian Surfing Association (ABSSL) run by Leogarto Burt.  SurfWatch keeps a schedule of all the various competitions in one convenient location on the 2009 Surf Calendar.  One thing for sure is, you need to come out and see them's a great time.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Brazilian Surf Association Competition


Fifth Stage

Date: 2009/12/06

Time: Starting 9:00am (SLT)


AWARDS: L$ 9600



Registration is open until 2009/12/05, to 3pm SLT,or to complete 30 competitors.

To subscribe go to the headquarters of the HP ABSSL SURF POINT, get the cards, fill them and deposit in the ballot box . Payment of the optional fee can be done directly at the ABSSL .

Good luck to all!


Leogarto Burt
ABSSL President

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Second Life Surfing Association Elects 3 New Directors

The Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) just announced the results of the election held December 1, 2009, to fill 3 open Director seats.  The new Directors are:

Sally LaSalle - 31
Ashleigh Dickins - 20
Giavannamarie Melody - 17

Followed by:

Marianna Monentes - 15
Syx Toshi and Kimmy Jigsaw - 14

A total of 37 eligible members voted with a total of 111 votes cast.  Two votes were disqualified due to only having two nominees selected.  One vote was disqualified as it was submitted after the time deadline of midnight SLT.  The election committee was comprised of SLSA Directors WickedV Carver, Abel Halderman and Desirae Beaumont in addition to SLSA advisors, VW Sands and Tauri Tigerpaw.

The new Board takes effect immediately.  Sally LaSalle, a current Director, remains for another 6 month term.  Ashleigh Dickens, a former Director, returns for another 6 month term.  Giavannamarie Melody is elected for a 6 month term.  WickedV Carver steps down and Bonheur Chenaux's vacant seat is filled. 

The next election is scheduled for March 1, 2010, when the seats for Abel Halderman and Desirae Beaumont will be up for election.

Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) Announces Waiver Change

The SLSA has announced a change in the waiver required to be accepted at competition registration by competitors in this final SLSA competition of Season 2, 2009.  Originally, the waiver notified competitors that, by registering for the competition, they agree to allow their Instant Messages (IMs) with event officers to be seen by other event officials in deciding disciplinary procedures.  This was required because Second Life Terms of Service prohibit the sharing of private chats without the permission of all the parties involved.  In response to a complaint from a competitive surfer on the broadness of the waiver, the SLSA Board has refined the waiver to refer specifically to IMs that occur during the competition:

"By registering for this competition you hereby agree to abide by the SLSA code of conduct and you give your permission to allow your IMs with event officers that only occur during the competition to be seen only by other event officers who may need to decide on protests, appeals or tribunals."

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

SLSA Director Elections

December 1, 2009, is election day for the Second Life Surfing Association to fill 3 director seats opening up.  Ending their terms will be Director WickedV Carver who is also serving as Financial Officer on the Board; Director Sally LaSalle who stepped in to fill an opening vacated earlier by Robin Mapp; and Director Bonheur Chenaux who vacated her seat prior to the end of her term.  Remaining on the Board will be Director Abel Halderman and Director Desirae Beaumont.

Running for the Board are several candidates:  Sally LaSalle; Ashleigh Dickins; Marianna Monentes; Syx Toshi; GiavannaMarie Melody; and Kimmy Jigsaw.  For information on the candidates, check out their intent to run statements on the SLSA website; SurfWatch (SW) in depth interviews; try a SW search on their name; or try a search engine (google,yahoo, etc.) search on their name.

The SLSA Board has posted the list of eligible voters at  If you are eligible to vote, create a non modifiable notecard with your name, the names of all 3 candidates you are voting for, and on December 1, 2009, submit a copy of the notecard to the election officers:  WickedV Carver, VW Sands, Abel Halderman, Tauri Tigerpaw and Desirae Beaumont.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

SLSA Hands Down Second DA in as many Seasons

by Rhett McMahn, Special Correspondent

For a second time in two seasons, the SLSA has had to discipline their own. According to the SLSA Forum website ( "A committee composed of the event day officials for the Analog Surf Perfect Waves HoF Challenge held on November 14th was convened to hear multiple complaints against Kristoffer Juneau."

Juneau was sited with several charges including: "(Juneau) knowingly interfered with official SLSA equipment on the competition sim, displayed verbal abuse to the Security Officer including contempt, derision, disrespect, argumentation and insult."

The posting stated that the Committee voted unanimously to disqualify Juneau from the Archipelago competition and that the Head Judge of that competition would recalculate the event's final standings. Due to the severity of the incident the committee also deferred decision to the SLSA Board of Directors that Juneau be suspended from the SLSA for a period of between 6 to 12 months.

The Board voted unanimously that Kristoffer Juneau be suspended from the SLSA for a period of 12 months. The posting was specific to the parts of said action. "This will entail removal from the group and the forum, all associated rights, and exclusion from event and spectator sims for the duration of the suspension."

In the posting the SLSA also stated "The Board reminds all competitors and visitors to surfing competitions, that manipulation in any form of any equipment on the competition sim (other than by designated event staff in the course of their responsibilities) is strictly forbidden in order to ensure a fair event where no competitor is disadvantaged either deliberately or accidentally."

Soul Wave - The Movie

AKProductions founded by SL film producer, Aeryn Kidd, is in heavy production mode on his current project, Soul Wave. 

This AKProductions original SL surfing movie stars newcomer/old timer Duffy Topaz.  Other local surf stars include Robin Mapp, Yendor Destiny, and Mick Lunasea.  

Scenes are currently being shot at various SL locations including Chi and Bluesky Dreams.  SurfWatch will follow the progress of this project and keep readers posted!