Saturday, November 7, 2009

SLSA Analog Surf Perfect Waves Round 1 Results

Top 2 riders from each heat move on to Round 2 on Saturday, November 14, 2009.

Heat 1

Triston Mayo (RED):  0.000000
Lacy Rossini (BLUE):  10.33
Mick Lunasea (GREEN):  13.00000
Kristoffer Juneau (ORANGE): 10.50000
Snapple Sneerwell (PURPLE): 10.16667

Heat 2
Abel Halderman (RED): 14.83333
Kait Seetan (BLUE): 11.66667
Amy Eclipse (GREEN):  0.00000
Angelle Aluveaux (ORANGE):  10.50000
sven Homewood (PURPLE): 14.50000

Heat 3
Sunshine Zhangsun (RED): 15.33333
Velvetori Twine (BLUE): 10.33333
Bodhi Lowtide (GREEN): 15.66667
Sandipanimuni Haiku (ORANGE): 14.66667

Heat 4
Lynda Mimulus (RED):  10.66667
Kohana Schimmer (BLUE):  14.33333
Rick Galli (GREEN): 6.333333
DeVinna Toll (ORANGE):  13.83333

Heat 5
Rhett McMahn (RED): 11.83333
Cymindra Deschanel (BLUE):  13.83333
Aurora Jacks (GREEN): 14.50000
Luke Fenutzini (ORANGE): 0.000000

Friday, November 6, 2009

Montego Lecture Circuit - Sebastian Saramago

Sebastion Saramago recently spoke at the monthly Montego Lecture Series to a full house.  For those who were not able to attend, his lecture follows:

Introduction by Kohana Schimmer:  It gives me great pleasure to introduce a guy who really needs no introduction at all. If you surf inworld, then you surely know the name “Sebastian Saramago”. Sebastian is the co-founder of SSi along with Heather Goodlife. Together they made it possible for all of us to surf the sparkling waters of SL with the development of their waves and boards.

Seb's lecture:  First off, thank you very much for having me here today. It's an honor that you would think highly enough of me to allow me to speak to you all today. The support of the community is what keeps us moving forward and makes us want to develop new products. I understand that our want is not always translated as quickly into new product as the community may demand, but we are indeed working towards that goal.

Today I wanted to give people a little more insight on what's going on with SSi and our team, and what our plans are as a whole. I believe the main goal of Heather and myself has always been to enjoy what we do, and the benefits of that have been second.

Recently I have had many conversations with Heather about the direction we are going, and what, if any, future there was for SSi and surfing. Good news is, we both think there is still great potential for surfing, not only for us as a company, but for surfers and other related products as a whole.

Heather has evaluated the needs, and together we have agreed that a greater support system is necessary. To this end, Heather has brought on some new team members skilled in the computer sciences and ways of the digital world. You may not know who they are, and some of you may have spoken to a few of them. But a more formal introduction and support system will be announced shortly.

The main goal of this new structure is to free up time for Heather and I to focus on the creative aspects of developing innovative products. We are both committed to moving the surfing systems in a direction that is in line with the suggestions of the community.

I cannot offer any strict development schedule, but we are excited to roll up our sleeves and go to work to provide a surfing experience that is deserving of such a devoted following. We understand that without the passion and endless hours and efforts of the community, that there would be no SSi. I would be back on my lonely beach with our one surf shop trying to give away boards and get people to surf. Thankfully, that is not the case.

Still to this day, after nearly 4 years in the virtual surf biz, it's a really great feeling to bring someone new to a beach, and watch them react to seeing waves for the first time. And when they catch that first ride, and then go back out again with an excitement and joy, you know they are hooked. All the people who have taught someone to surf for the first time, in real life or here on SL, knows exactly what I mean.

But its not just the surfing, the boards and the waves. Again, its about the people. Anyone looking for friendship, some good music and laughter only need to head to the nearest surfing beach and talk to members of our community. No other place, and no other people are as open, inviting and accepting of all kinds more than our surfers. Not furry people, religious folk, elves, Gorean or anything in between has such a free feeling of acceptance and warmth.

I am honored to have been apart of this. It has meant something real to me. To my life. And I hope to continue to be able to serve you, and the community as long as you will have me.

During the question and answer session, Seb fielded questions on whether he was an RL surfer, "I grew up here in so Cal and at the beach so much in my youth. I have not been able to keep up with surfing, no, but Thalia and I both have a desire to move back to the beach area and break off the rust and get back out there.  I can still keep up in the kiddy waves."

He was asked about the new waves that he has in development and whether they will require a new board.  He said the He said you won't need a new board to do well on the new wave, but new boards are in the works.  He talked about wave improvements, such as the wave not have a C shaped pipe but rather a pipe with some raised sections, a curl, with an open end and also having some options as far as how you ride.

Addressing questions related to his relationship with the SLSA, Seb said, "I think i have always tried to stay in the background.  I support the SLSA and others, as much as I can, without taking sides to the point that others feel one is favored.  However, you have to take into account the committed support SLSA has given SSi and we are always committed to our fans."

When asked how he figured out all the nuances of prim physics, etc. or if he had a programmer background, Seb said, "Well, much of it is not so complex as to need a degree in rockets and much of it was developed over time.  Heather is a programmer in real life and writes her own software, so she does indeed understand the heart of it, more so than I.  I have worked in graphic arts for the last 15 years, so Heather and I are a good team."

For more information, see .

Heat Draws Round 1 SLSA Analog Surf Perfect Waves HoF Challenge

Round 1 - Analog Surf-Perfect Waves HoF Challenge

When: November 7 2009, 11.00am SLT
Waves type: pipeline w/fluffies
Surfboards type: shortboard

Starting 11:00am sharp - Heat one check in at 10:45 please!!
Each heat will take about 20-30 minutes. Make sure you are there for your heat .
Each Heat 3 waves each.
Best 2 from each heat to advance to Round 2 on November 14


Heat 1
Triston Mayo (RED)
Lacy Rossini (BLUE)
Mick Lunasea (GREEN)
Kristoffer Juneau (ORANGE)
Snapple Sneerwell (PURPLE)

Heat 2
Abel Halderman (RED)
Kait Seetan (BLUE)
Amy Eclipse (GREEN)
Angelle Aluveaux (ORANGE)
sven Homewood (PURPLE)

Heat 3
Sunshine Zhangsun (RED)
Velvetori Twine (BLUE)
Bodhi Lowtide (GREEN)
Sandipanimuni Haiku (ORANGE)

Heat 4
Lynda Mimulus (RED)
Kohana Schimmer (BLUE)
Rick Galli (GREEN)
DeVinna Toll (ORANGE)

Heat 5
Rhett McMahn (RED)
Cymindra Deschanel (BLUE)
Aurora Jacks (GREEN)
Luke Fenutzini (ORANGE)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Montego Lecture Circuit Presents: Sebastian Saramago

There's probably no name in the SL surf scene more recognized than Sebastian Saramago.  Join the group at Knowhere  on Thursday,November 5, 5 PM SLT, to get a front row seat for his talk.   For more information, contact Kohana Schimmer.

In Cip's Memory...

Emilyn Knoller is putting together a compilation of Cipriano Grut's writings and would like to include quotes you have about Cip.  Contact Em by this Friday, 11-6, if you have a quote you would like to include.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mari's Mailbag - Vulgarity

I know several of you think vulgarity is funny - mostly cussing and joke telling at events.  Have to tell you that sitting in the stands and hearing this is rather uncomfortable.  There are places to do that if you must, like private IM.  To me, it's really inappropriate to do this at surf competitions where good sportsmanship is key.  There are surfers psyching up for their heats, sometimes kids, and others who it offends.  Thing is, you subject others to your mindset, not really taking into consideration how they feel about it.  I'm telling you that hearing it as a new surfer made me think it was pretty tacky.  To me, events are the highlight of what we work so hard for.  A place to shine, to set examples and be admired, to also admire.  There are ways of joke telling and carrying on without vulgarity.  I remember someone on my team doing this because others at that event were.  It's like the snowball effect - slowly starts, then several chime in until it's completely out of hand.  Keep it clean, laugh plenty.  It's all about respect.

SLSA Loses Director

Bonheur Chenaux, current sitting Second Life Surfing Association Director, has left SL before her term as Director has expired.  According to her profile, "I have left."  She goes into detail in her picks about the who, when, what, where, why and how.  Surfwatch contacted one of the remaining Directors and was told there was no comment at this time.  A new election is scheduled to replace 3 Directors on the Board on December 1, 2009.  Since less than one month of Chenaux' term remained, the Board is not required to hold a Special Election to fill her vacancy.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Surf Fest 09

Surf Fest 09 at the new Pacific Coast Hwy sim was a howling success, with a packed beach on hand to hear speakers Leogarto Burt and VW Sands, the tribute band, Def Leopard, and participate in a host of other activities.

Leogarto Burt, head of the Brazilian Surf Association and creator of several wave lines in Second Life, opened the event with a lecture:

Good morning to all present. I'm very pleased and proud to stand here today before the elite of the surfing world to talk a bit about surfing, its history of evolution, and look into the future showing a little of what is being prepared to make the surf in the virtual world of Second Life experience increasingly exciting.

When entering SL, in mid-2007, I found myself facing a very exciting experience. Of course, after seeing something of the game and struggling like any new avatar, I had the pleasure of meeting the defunct Kahuna Beach, where I had the first contact with the surf in SL and I was dazzled.

It did not take long to realize that this was my world, and soon after began to draft my first products, clothes for my own use, which led me to open my first store, the Vibrations Surf Shop, based in Kahuna. Thereafter, I devoted countless hours of study and work to learn what SL can offer, and learn all the tools, which now helps me in the creation of new products and technologies.

With great difficulty, mainly because the language to communicate with other avatars and the drafting of scripts, I created my first surfboard using the sculpted shape that was still a novelty in SL. This was the start of my contribution to the evolution of surfing in SL and introducing the concept of using sculpted in waves, with the release of Teahupo Waves, which consisted of 3 blocks each with 3 sculpteds States. It was something never seen but a made headlines because it had serious problems of synchronization between the blocks.

Further studies led to the introduction of perhaps the greatest developments in the waves of late, with the use of mega prims, initially used the clear physical and wave and soon after was transported to the sculpted, which not only solved the sync problems and made the waves look much more beautiful and pleasant. Later in 2008, I launched the Sunset Waves, which are still used in many beaches scattered throughout SL, bringing a lot of fun and satisfaction to users. But the waves still seemed very still and I had the idea of using multiple sculpteds changed by a timer, giving a sense of movement never before imagined and that together with a number of new ideas were the basis for the release of Jaws Waves, currently considered by many the best waves in SL today.

The Jaws is a wave of extreme complexity, are some 40 scripts, more than 30 different megaprims and 14 sculpteds, which work seamlessly interconnected. These numbers should be multiplied by three, considering that the wave height varies during the series, 7.5m, 10m and 15m. Sound, particles, textures and lighting are used to make it more real.

Also with the Jaws came a new configuration of the transparent and wave physics, which has always been limited to a portion of a cylinder. Jaws in this wave is shaped using various megaprims in order to monitor the wave shape and sculpted to reduce the distance between the surfer and the wave surface, not allowing the surf to occur away from the wave, or worse, to feel like the surfer is flying against the laws of physics.

Other important factors are searching for a perfect timing, regardless of the direction of displacement of the wave, reducing the time to script, ease of installation, customer service and after-sales, which make the waves HP REFERECE international. Some of these innovations are now being used by other manufacturers of traditional waves and should guide their actions in this direction in the medium term.

Now what to expect from HP for the future? For certain I can say that we are committed to reaching a level of more and more high quality and technology, with innovations to ensure the situation continues. Without further ado, I invite you all to know the project of the new wave of HP, named Teahuppo Waves 2, after the first wave sculpted SL. With a completely new design and temporarily using the Jaws as the chassis, the new string of new sculpteds Teahupoo has the intention to extend the wave, going even against reality.

I should like everyone to look at on the stage where they can get an idea of what will be the Waves Teahupoo 2, which is being worked on in the coming days and will shortly be available in the testing phase in HP Surf Point (Crab Island). Good people, I can only thank everyone's attention on this unique opportunity for the community of Brazilian surfers, who are certainly proud of Brazil's participation in the international surf scene.

Special thanks to Mick and Revlon, which gave me the opportunity to speak to you today about my history and HP High Performance Waves for your surfing pleasure. A big hug to all who have helped me in this quest all these years. ALOHA, ALOHA, ALOHA

Next speaker was VW Sands, owner of Mori/Tuli and founder of Vibrations Surf Alliance:

Afternoon Surfers, please join me in a moment of silence for one of my dearest friends and a fellow surfer that has left us. Cip, we will miss you, mate, and ask that you save a spot in the line-up for us all. May all your days bring overhead waves,warm campfires and white sands. Rest easy brother.

Firstly I think we should all give it up for Mick and Rev for having us over today - Thank you. When Mick and Rev asked me to speak today I was excited about having the chance. SL surfing is alive and well and with more new products and developers than ever before fun times are certainly ahead.

People ask me all the time my thoughts on SL surfing and where I think it may be headed. From the looks of Leo's new wave, no place but up!!! In any case, my first counter-question is always, Competive surfing or soul surfing?

Just as in RL, the competitive surfing circuit is about sponsers, contracts and results.It becomes real easy for us to lose our perspective. Some see the rankings as a measure of who is best which has nothing at all to do with who is having the most fun. Some question the officials, bitch about re-rides they don´t get, expect perfect conditions on every ride and so on. The "ranks" ( for some ) become more important than having fun. Plain and simple. I wish we could get back to what the surf comps used to be like and maybe we can. I sure hope so anyway :-)

Having said that, never have I had more fun than I now have just bouncing around the beaches and surfing with friends."Soul Surfing" is more fun than ever before. New waves, new beaches and new riders make SL surfing and the entire scene an ever evolving, ever growing community that I am glad to be a part of. Even though we have lost a buch of cool breaks, new ones are being designed all the time.

The SL surf community is filled with passionate people. It always has been really. We are friends spending time together having never have met (in most cases). We all have our favourite beaches, best boards, waves we prefer and so on but collectively and even though we fight now and again, we are all happiest in the water.

I guess my message today is one of "perspective" I really believe that if we, both as individuals and as a collective, would just take a second to ponder what it is we all really love about SL and about SL surfing and add a healthy dose of respect, we would find that the common denominator is almost always each other. It´s us that makes SL great.

So where is SL surfing headed? Back to the roots in contest surfing (more fun, less BS) and more "soul surfing" to keep us all balanced and with a healthy perspective would be a great direction to strive for in my opinion.

Thank you all so much for coming out to PCH and the Surf Festival 09. Please visit all the kiosks up on the hill, grab LM´s, visit the vendors at their home beaches and applaud each other!! Mahalo!

The results of the Surfboard Art Contest:

1st place, 33 votes: Shark Attack - Angelle Aluveau
2nd place, 31 votes and most humorous: Old Surfergirl - Aldo Courtois
3rd place, 24 votes: Gia Cola - Gia Melody

Most original - Red Spiral - Ronan Roxley
Best Traditional - Sands Classic - VW Sands
Best Use of Known Celebrity - EC=MC2 - 007 Goldshark
Best Flames - Velocity - Yendor Destiny
Best Creative Use of Asian Symbol - Connie's Yin Yang - Countess Decosta
Best Use of Original Prim - My Board - Minka Pearl

Other entries included:
Orca Tribal - Dizzy Dee Waverider
Monkey Cove Day of the Dead - Syx Toshi
Sea Horse - Kohana Schimmer
The Mermaid Custom - Nash Laville
Jellyfish - Sienna Velinov
5.2 Pinstripe - Kimmy Jigsaw
Follo's Tiger Dragon - Folllowingwaves Sirbu
Jack Surf Woody - Aurora Jacks

Sunday, November 1, 2009

WOI to hold Memorial Service

West of Ireland will be holding a memorial service for Cipriano Grut at Nancy Blake's Pub on the West of Ireland sim on Tuesday, November 3, at 4 PM SLT.  Sioban McMahon states, "Cip was a beloved member of our family.  Intelligent, funny, and a truly generous and loving man."

If you have photos you'd like to contribute for the memorial service, please pass them to Sioban McMahon in world.  There will be a reading of some of his writings and his friends will be given a chance to speak if they'd like.  A permanent memorial to Cip will be erected on the WOI beaches.  Sioban explains, "Much of his time was spent on those beaches, helping to keep them nice and working on ways to help the WOI charity, Project Children.  Cip was my friend.  I'll miss him."

For more information, contact Sioban McMahon.


The SLSA just announced the upcoming SLSA competition that is scheduled for November is now named "Analog Surf-Perfect Waves HoF Challenge".  In a statement just issued, the Board states,"A memorial will take place after the season finale pending confirmation of the wishes of Cip's family".  No other comments are available at this time.  SurfWatch will stay on the story and provide more information as available.