Cloudbreak Closed

from Vally Lavendar

As announced in Vally Lavendar's blog, Cloudbreak on November 4, 2018:

"With a sad heart I announce the permanent closing of [cloudbreak]. My arrangement with the buyer fell through due to circumstances and forces outside my control. He is saddened by the outcome as well. I attempted to secure another buyer but was not able to do so.

Cloudbreak was for sale for the transfer fees only so no profit was going to be made. In fact, the entire [cloudbreak] project from start to finish cost me approximately 5000 USD from start to finish including LL land fees, builder fees, set up fees, and related costs for social media and graphic design.

The money did not concern me, but I had hoped the dream of [cloudbreak] could continue after my departure. I suppose I was expecting too much to think another group or person would be able to do so. It was my dream; my project and always will be. I am very happy I was able to bring [cloudbreak] to you. In my twelve years of owning over 12 regions in SL I have never produced such a beautiful project as [cloudbreak] turned out to be. Many thanks to you as well for bringing it to life for four months.

I look forward to bringing my [valium] region to you mid to late December of this year.

Until then,

my kindest regards,

Valium Lavender

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