Surfer’s Bay Spotlight: Fearghus McMahon

Submitted by Persia Bravin
Photos by Leanne Mordue and Fearghus McMahon

With a growing reputation for attracting surfers from across the grid, this new series of interviews for SurfWatch will discover more about the people that paddle out and face the waves at Surfer’s Bay VIP. From absolute beginners to seasoned pros, the sim is a regular hangout for surfers with varying levels of experience. In this first interview, we spoke to Fearghus McMahon - a relative newcomer to the sport - to find out why he enjoys surfing so much.

SurfWatch (SW): Hi Fearghus – how long have you been surfing in Second Life™ for?
Fearghus McMahon (FM): I'm still reasonably new to surfing lol.

SW: You are looking good so far out there - so, what made you want to try it?  Have you ever surfed before?
FM: Well a friend of mine got some surf waves at her region and she actually gave me my first surfboard...that was years ago though. But after a long time of absence, another friend dragged me to Surfer’s Bay VIP as it had just opened up and I kinda just stuck here!

SW: Well it’s a friendly and pretty sim!
FM:  Yes, it is.  I found the people here to be friendly and welcoming, so eventually I dug up my board again.

SW: How does it feel out there on the Maoli waves Fearghus?
FM:  It felt frustrating at first lol.... but then, after a while, you start remembering what keys do what and surfing is actually quite relaxing and being on the water is awesome...I think the sunsets and the water are the prettiest things in SL. Well and the souls of some of the people you meet!

SW: What’s your favourite board to surf on, Fearghus?
FM: The C-3 Spectra and the C&C paintable one simply because I can paint it myself.

SW: What would you say to encourage other people to take up surfing?
FM: It's a fun way to relax and to meet great people.

SW: I couldn’t agree more. What are your plans for your own surfing? Competitions or just the pleasure of being out on the wave?
FM: I surf for fun, I cannot see myself competing against the pro's lol!

SW: And finally: when the sun has gone down, what other things do you enjoy doing at Surfer’s Bay VIP?
FM: Relaxing with friends, which is a growing group of people at Surfer’s Bay VIP since people here actually hangout and talk! Go to the parties and explore the amazing scenery around the sim. There really are some hidden gems and photo opportunities. (Noob alert at my photography though!)

Surf at Surfer’s Bay VIP: There is a group join fee of 500L which allows rezz rights anywhere on the sim. There is a C-3 rezzer and Maoli waves. Members can also set their home position on the sim plus there are male and female changing rooms in skyboxes.


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