Bundy Reef SSi Shortboard Pro

Submitted by Jus Strat
The Bundy Reef SSi Shortboard Pro was held June 23rd. It was a great day of surfing and a party in the stands for the last competition of the season!

Heat One featured Montego Captain Kristen Starquill, Tsunami team member Petra Xaris, Illaria, Grandhaven Sim Owner Aquadoc and former SLSA champion Tyler Peace. This was a great way to start a competition and with Tyler (14.41) just edging out Kristen(13.75) for the heat win.

In heat two we saw Tsunami's Teddy Bear, Bundy Reef sim owner Cierrra Theriac - Triton, 2 rookies with DonGood and Jus Strat and Surfcrazy owner and team captain Mick Lunasea. Another great heat that saw Cierra (13.66) grab a heat win edging past 2nd in the heat Teddy (13.16).

Heat 3 showcased SLSA Director Gia Villano - Triton, Montego Co- Captain Bodhi Lowtide and Zadi (Imzadi Amaterasu) making her return to competition. The awesome heat had Bodhi Lowtide (14.91) storming past Zadi (13.08) for the heat win.

Our Final Heat was truly some of the best surfing of the season. Kris Marley who had locked up the season championship took this comp off to judge along with new head judge Mikey Zephyr and new judge Moonie Kismet. They did a great job judging some really amazing performances. 

The final heat shook out this way.
1st Tyler 16.25
2nd Bodhi 15.75
3rd Kristen 15.50
4th Cierra 14.33
5th Aquadoc 14.25
6th Teddy 13.00

It was a battle and all 6 surfers put forth a tremendous effort. I personally thought this contest was going to come down to Tyler and Bodhi and they did not disappoint with each putting up stellar scores.

SLSA Awards will be held July 21st at the City of Fairhaven theater. Surf Camp and Surfari are being lined up now and this should be an exciting offseason! We will see you the 21st and on the waves! Season 2 starts in August and we cannot wait to see what it holds!

[Editor's Note: Keep watching Surfwatch for more information regarding the upcoming Surf Camp and Surfari events]

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