Tuesday, May 1, 2018

SurfWatch Competition Report - Fairhaven SSi Pro

Submitted by Jus Strat

The Fairhaven SSi Pro was held on April 28th. It was a fun- filled day and an amazing turn-out. Lexus Melodie started things off at noon with a fabulous acoustic set before DJ Rob Carousel got on the turntables and played everyone's favorite tunes while the competition was under way.

Heat 1 was a glimpse of the incredible surfing we saw all day. Veterans like Johnny Whadd, Kristen Starqill and Aquadoc were joined by the new kid with the beard Richie Marley Di Vaio. Johnny came in tied for 1st for the season and with the way he surfed this first heat you could see he wasn't going to turn it loose his grip on the title easily.

Heat 1
15.83333 Johnny Whadd
13.00000 RichieMarley
12.50000 Kristen Starquill
11.75000 Aquadoc

Heat 2 pitted Tsunami teammates Teddy Bear and Moira against each other and newcomers Moonie Kismet and Jus Strat. Due to real life obligations Hummingbird Point owner Shi Carter was unable to attend. This was a close heat with Teddy just edging out Moira but both had truly amazing runs.

Heat 2 
15.50000 Teddy Bear
15.41667 Moira
12.91667 Jus Strat
12.75000 Moonie Kismit
0.000000 Shi Carter

Heat 3 was SLSA Director Gia Triton, Surfcrazy Captain Mick Lunasea and rookie Don Good. Gia taught an SSi class in the weeks leading up to the competition and those skills were used in full effect as she pulled off great runs and won the heat.

Heat 3
14.58333 Gia Triton
13.66667 DonGood
10.58333 Mick Lunasea
0.000000 Surfer

The final heat had Kris Marley who was tied for #1 coming in to the competition, competing with Bodhi Lowtide and Celestrii. Bodhi was my pick for this competition as he has shown amazing talents on the SSi during practice sessions. Kris edged him out in the heat but Bodhi still had the second highest score in the heat matches.

Heat 4
17.91667 Kris Marley
16.50000 Bodhi Lowtide
14.00000 Celestrii
0.000000 Iliaria

Our 6 finalists showed why they belonged there and all surfed exceptionally well. Kris Marley took first place and sole possession of 1st overall for the season. All of the finalists were impressive and showed the best that SLSA has to offer. The stands were packed and the consensus was this will be one to remember. There are 2 competitions left at Bluff Cove in May on the C-3 and then on to Bundy Reef in June to close it out on the SSi shortboard. This is turning into a great season and there is still a lot of surfing left. Pop in, grab a director and find out how you can be part of the action or stop in at the spectator stands on competition weekend for a day like on other on the grid. 

1st - Kris Marley 18.33
2nd - Bodhi Lowtide 17.58
3rd - Moira 15.50
4th - Johnny Whadd 15.33
5th - Teddy Bear 15.00
6th - Petra Xaris 13.00

Official Top 10 Standings
1. Kris Marley - 2 pts
2. Johnny Whadd - 3 pts
3. Bodhi Lowtide - 6 pts
4. Petra Xaris - 10 pts
4. Moira - 10 pts
6. Richie Marley 11 pts
7. Cierra Theiriac 13 pts
8. Kristen Starquill 14 pts
9. Teddy Bear 15 pts
10. Jus Strat 16 pts

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Great write up of a fabulous competition, Jus! Looking forward to more of your posts!