Vintage SurfWatch: From the oooold archives...Originally Posted January 1, 2010

Grandma Barnside 1937

Not many people know that Colleen Brennan's grandmother, Grandma Barnside, was one of the early proponents of Second Life (SL) surfing waaay back in the day when there was only Real Life (RL) surfing and she had to walk barefoot 200m to get to the waves.  She claims to have created the first surfboard and taught the great Duke himself to surf!  SurfWatch found this old photo of her in the dusty SurfWatch photo archives - what a looker in her day!  We hear you can still find her around SL catching a wave or two...keep an eye out...
Grandma Barnside 2010


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Kekoa Arbizu said...

Rotflmao! Could there be a sweeter story than this! Ty for posting, too cute!